A Few Wedding Altar Ideas You Will Love

This post includes wedding altar ideas for your wedding day.

What is a Wedding Altar?

The wedding altar is a centerpiece of a faith-based wedding. An altar is a place of worship in the Christian faith tradition. This place is sacred and known as a place set apart for worship. One thing that some often forget is that a wedding ceremony is an act of worship. The presence of an altar is a signal that acknowledges and welcomes the Spirit and presence of God to witness the wedding ceremony and bind the couple together in holy matrimony.

Different Types of Wedding Altars

Different wedding altars depend on where a couple decides to have their wedding ceremony. Although it is prevalent for Christian couples to get married indoors in a church, it is also very common for couples to now get married outdoors.

Indoor Wedding Altar Ideas

Traditional Church Set-Up

If you are getting married in a traditional, indoor church setting, you will benefit from using the altar already in place. Of course, ask your leaders or staff person at the church as early as you can how you may be able to decorate for the wedding. As a minister, I would recommend that it may be the best idea to ask the church to decorate for the wedding.

That way, there will not be any issues with conflicting design with the church space that is typically seasonally decorated but always considered sacred. Of course, there may be options for you to decorate for the wedding that fit within the design that is in place, and for that reason, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Just be aware that decorating without asking whether it makes sense for the space is inappropriate.

Rustic Barns or Reception Halls

One of the most trending options for a wedding location recently is in an old barn repurposed into a wedding venue or a reception hall. This is an amazing setting for a wedding, but know that it will take some more work to have a proper wedding altar. Unless the venue is set up, you will need someone to build an altar.

This task is not always an easy one because the person will need to be able to fit your design needs. Of course, as mentioned, with a faith-based wedding, you may want elements of this being a sacred union, such as a place to pray or take communion together.

For example, the pastor or priest will need a place to officiate the wedding. This is also a part of what it means to have an altar. The officiant is the one who oversees the marriage ceremony and the act of joining the bride and groom as husband and wife.

Unique Venues with Unforgettable Backdrops

A sprawling and stunning floral arrangement is a common choice for wedding altar ideas nowadays. This option allows for a faith-centered option like the one below, arranged on a cross. This includes the beauty and significance of the wedding ceremony and keeps the primary message clear that the foundation of the wedding and union is Christ Jesus.

This example works well with abundant lighting that highlights the wedding altar. It also brings life to the contrast of the wood and surrounding floral accompaniment.

wedding altar ideas

Outdoor Wedding Altar Ideas

Floral Arches

Floral arches are becoming more and more common for outdoor wedding altar ideas. Sure, it takes some work to make it look beautiful. But it’s undeniable that the flexibility and possibilities with a floral arch are much more difficult to accomplish in an indoor setting.

Wooden Arches

Wooden arches also give a unique quality that is impossible in any other form. The wooden look makes the space look distinguished and solid for some reason. It gives the feel that we, the wedding guests and party, are where we are supposed to be for an official and sacred event.

Fresh Flower Backdrops

Not to be confused with floral arches, a background of fresh flower arrangements makes a statement that makes everyone in the room make a double take. This choice comes with a romantic feel that inspires the wedding event differently yet respects the space of a wedding. This choice may be more costly, especially if paired with a wooden arch, for example, but it will be well worth it.

Lush Greenery and White Blooms

One particularly fashionable look for wedding altar ideas is the greenery with white blooms idea. These colors make the wedding setting look fresh and ripe for the occasion.

Pop of Color

Going with color, but just a pop of color, is recommended if you decide to take the colorful route. A myriad of color choices as the background could be distracting from the bride and groom. The purpose of the wedding is to draw attention to the couple, and that’s what we want. The setting and background should only get enough attention to give it to the hosts, the couple.

Indian Weddings Altar Ideas

wedding altar ideas
wedding altar ideas

DIY Wedding Altar Ideas

Create your archway

Creating your archway is one option that will save you money and allow you to have what you are looking for (although it may take a little longer to achieve it). Of course, if you choose this option, don’t forget to give yourself plenty of time.

Find a beautiful setting

Finally, another option is to find a space just made to be a wedding venue so you don’t have to add anything. A waterfall or spring, a beautiful forest hideaway, or anything that will host a small group of wedding parties or guests. This option allows you not to purchase or make anything and could be just as beautiful if not more so.

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