A Few Brilliant Wedding Gift for Officiant Ideas

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A wedding gift for officiant is a good idea. It might sound crazy, but the officiant gets overlooked in a wedding. Not that they should be the center of attention. Of course, the bride and groom are the stars of the day. But even though the wedding officiant speaks the most and is just as visible if not more visible than anyone else, they are not often thought about when it comes to giving a gift or including in other wedding events such as the rehearsal dinner and reception.

One way to help the wedding officiant feel appreciated is to think of a wedding gift for the officiant that will make them feel seen. This is an area of expertise because I have officiated nine weddings.

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Wedding Gift for Officiant Ideas: Providing an Honorarium

When considering whether to give a wedding gift for officiant services, the first thing to consider is whether you will pay the officiant for their work. If you decide to pay the officiant, it’s a good idea to do so separately from other arrangements. For example, if your officiant also provides pre-marital counseling, that will be a separate cost from a gift. Even if you give them together, which is completely fine if you are paying a cash gift, it’s helpful to let the officiant know these are two separate payments, one for the counseling and one for the gift.

If you would like also to provide a gift separate from an honorarium, here are a few ideas.

Anything Travel Related

Speaking from experience, one thing that it’s hard for ministers and pastors to do is get away. Consider something that has to do with contributing to time out for a vacation or to relax and reset. Although the couple and wedding planners have plenty to do in preparation for the wedding, the officiant also works hard to ensure that all parts work together for a fulfilling, sacred ceremony. Of course, they are also speaking and directing the special day.

A gift specifically for a vacation or getaway lets your officiant know that not only do you want to get them a gift, but you also understand the weight of their responsibility to oversee a well-done wedding ceremony. It’s a tough assignment because you may get to rehearse (one time), but you carry much of the responsibility to ensure that the ceremony is joyous.

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A Special Event

Another gift for a wedding officiant idea is something recreational or relaxing that is not necessarily travel-related. You might want to know the officiant well enough to choose an appropriate gift for this gift idea. Suppose you see that they prefer a particular sports team or would enjoy an event at a specific venue. In that case, this is something that they might appreciate, mainly if you’ve discussed the gift possibility informally. They will be very excited to know that you’ve followed through with this gift idea.

If you think that your officiant will enjoy a day at a local golf club or even see a concert at a venue nearby, these will make excellent gift ideas again if you know the person well enough to give this gift.

A Commemoration Gift

Yet another idea is something that commemorates the wedding day. This is more for friends of the officiant or something that you can add to other gifts. To help remember the special day, you can always frame a photo of the officiant and the couple during the ceremony. This is also a good gift if it’s the officiant’s first ceremony or if there is a reason to help remember this special day.

A Helpful Gift

Finally, another idea is to give a give is something that has to do with helping to do their work. Again, this would need something you know they want, such as a stole. For this gift level, it’s best to run it by a spouse or make sure that you know it’s something they would appreciate.

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