5 Critical Things Your Wedding Plan Needs

Your wedding plan needs these 5 things in this year of Covid-19, delayed weddings, and over-booked vendors.

A Safe Location

A safe location for your wedding venues has always been a priority however, in the time of Covid, this is especially important. This year, 2022, is planning to be a very busy year for weddings as many who have postponed their weddings, some for years now, will finally have the opportunity to get married.

With what we now know about the transmission of Covid, an outdoor location would be the safest choice, with all distancing and masking guidelines still in place. Of course, this does not guarantee safety, but the guidelines that are passed down indicate that this is a safer choice than an indoor venue.

wedding plan needs

Taking Your Time

For these reasons, you will want to spend a little more time and effort choosing a safe venue than you would have before Covid. Take your time, and ask around for suggestions in the area where you want to get married. Check online reviews and visit as many venues as possible to ensure that you feel that it’s a safe location for your guests.

This decision will be one of the most important of your wedding because you want guests to feel safe and them to be safe. Word of mouth will be very helpful when you are making this decision. Talk to not only your friends but also find some guests and even some venue managers to truly get a feel of how safe of a venue it will be for guests.

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Safety Resources

In addition to the safe venue, you will need a supply kit of safety supplies for your wedding. Remember to keep a healthy budget for these items. Sure, you will have guests who bring their own masks and perhaps more that will keep their hand sanitizer close by, but this will not be how all of your guests operate. You should be prepared as though no one will bring any safety supplies, especially masks. Vendors should be prepared with their materials however, when it comes to guests, you will want to be ready to meet any of their safety needs. Think about all ages that are invited to the wedding to ensure that your

resources are age appropriate.

wedding plan needs

What You Will Need

You will need masks and hand sanitizer, signage to help remind everyone to keep safe and distant, and enough seats and tables to skip a seat between persons and help people to distance even more for starters.

Signage will be very important because it will help you communicate with guests at different wedding stations. For example, if you only want a certain number of people on the dance floor, you can provide a sign that lets people know that only 20 or 30 people should dance at one time. Or, if you only want a certain number of people lined up for the restroom, you can also use a sign to communicate this.

wedding plan needs

The right signage will save you from spending unnecessary time communicating things with guests besides congratulations and well wishes. This is time for celebration, and the more time you can spend having these conversations, the better.

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A Supportive Planning Team

Another thing your wedding plan needs is a team that is flexible and willing to provide support in these unusual times. This may be one of the most important things for your wedding plan needs. After Covid, everything changed. You won’t want to plan a wedding with just 1 or 2 people any more. You will want a team of people, even if they are not all doing something every single day, to help with your wedding planning process. Each person may contribute in different ways.

A Talented Team

Some might be talented designers. Others may be great with choosing and managing your venue space. Others may be better with coordinating your wedding party and inviting your guests. And you will want someone who is a pro at working with vendors. But it won’t hurt to have a great solid team of several people to assist with your needs, whether they are all paid, some volunteers, some professionals, and a few friends. Assemble your support team as you need to plan your wedding.

wedding plan needs

Keep Everyone Up to Date

Keep everyone in the loop on all major decisions for your wedding. Be sure that everyone knows their role clearly, so they don’t interfere with what others are doing. This will help everyone to thrive in their role and offer the best support to you for your wedding.

Supporting your Team

And remember to support those who are supporting you. If you find a great team of wedding planners, remember to have fun with them. Take time to get to know one another and kick back from time to time. Wedding planning is stressful no matter who does it. The more you can connect on a personal level you will be that helpful to the overall goal of producing an excellent wedding for the couple.

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A Backup Plan

While planning your wedding, one of the biggest changes is that you want to have a backup plan for everything. You will need to know what venues you might need to change if something goes wrong. Just in case, you will want a list of 2-3 vendors for each service. And if someone from your team is unavailable, you will want to know the plan for what will occur in this unforeseen event.

Planning Has Changed

These were not things that we used to have to do for the most part but after Covid and all the couples who waited to have their wedding until after the pandemic was more manageable had to wait their turn. this means that everyone had to adjust their schedules and make room for adjustments. The effect of this is still felt today as cancellations and changes to the plan are more common than you might imagine.

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A Wedding Planning Timeline

A solid timeline for your wedding is critical. You will need a timeline that reflects all of the different wedding events and needs. Be sure to consider your wedding events, not just your wedding rehearsal and wedding day. For example, your wedding events include your bridal shower and or wedding shower, bridesmaids’ day, guy time, honeymoon, tux fitting, dress fitting, and brunch the day after the wedding. Everyone’s events may look a little different, but these are the main ones. So, think about everything that goes along with these events, and will help you tremendously with your wedding plan needs. Think about attire, budget, and transportation for these, and you will be well on your way.

Including your Events

But of course, your wedding planning timeline includes everything from when you are first engaged through your honeymoon, often the last wedding event. The timeline will be a guidepost for each step as you will manage multiple things simultaneously. For example, you may be planning your wedding shower but must decide about your venue and photographers. Because your events overlap, your wedding planning timeline will help you to know what tasks to tackle at each stage.

Hire a Professional Wedding Planner

You will want a wedding planner for your wedding day and the whole process. Take a deep breath. They will help to lower your stress level. They are a not-so-hidden gem of the wedding industry. Technically, they are one of your wedding vendors and should be at the top of your wedding planning checklist. 

Determine Your Wedding Budget

The average cost for a wedding in the United States is around $30,000. But don’t worry; there are many ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality. Some of the best ways to save money on your wedding are:

Have a smaller wedding

Use less expensive venues

Choose a destination wedding

Get married in a civil ceremony instead of a church wedding

Consider DIY projects

Be creative

Purchase your Wedding Rings

If you haven’t purchased your rings yet, now is the time. Many people choose to get engagement ring sets. This is an affordable option for those who like purchasing two pieces together. If you prefer to purchase your individual rings, it can be a great investment. It is important to find a style that fits both of you.

Make a Guest List

You can always be working on your guest list and your wedding party list. However, if you haven’t started making a list of guests, now is a perfect time. Start by thinking about family members, friends, and coworkers. Then add other special people such as neighbors, teachers, coaches, etc.

Involve Your Significant Other

Have them join you in planning your wedding. This could be a great opportunity to learn how to work together. If you are married, you probably already know how important it is to be involved in every aspect of your marriage. But, there is no reason why you cannot involve your partner in your wedding planning. It will be fun! Involving your significant other will also make you feel like you are contributing to something special.

Select a Theme

Your wedding style is completely up to you. There are many wedding themes available for you to choose from. Some of them are very traditional, while others are modern and edgy. If you are looking for a theme, it is important to select one that you love and that makes sense for your personality. It is also important to remember that a specific theme does not mean that you cannot mix and match. You can use elements of your chosen theme in other ways, such as using floral arrangements in a modern way by adding fresh flowers instead of dried flowers. This would be an example of mixing and matching.

Destination Weddings

Destination weddings are a great option for keeping your wedding safe. Social distancing is possible in a destination wedding because you stay away from your guests. However, there are still some precautions that you need to take. First, ensure you have enough room for everyone who wants to attend. Second, if you are getting married during Spring Break, make sure you do not book a hotel near a pool or beach. Third, make sure that you pick a destination with many activities. Fourth, make sure that you discuss your wedding plans with your partner. He/she might have ideas on how to keep your wedding safe. Lastly, make sure that you communicate with your family members. Tell them where you are going and when you expect to return.

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Just What You Need

These are a few items we have found through officiating and planning weddings that every couple will need, especially in today’s wedding environment. But this is not the ultimate list. Everyone is different, and every wedding is different. That means that you will likely need to do things for your wedding that no one else needs to do for their wedding.

You may find that unexpected circumstances arise, and you must adjust not just once but several times throughout your wedding planning process. It’s completely fine if your wedding planning needs to change repeatedly. The important thing is that you enjoy the process as much as possible and remember why you are doing this. You have found the love of your life and are enduring a short season of difficult work to enjoy a lifetime with the one you love.

Thank You!

But remember, you can’t and don’t want to do this alone. You want to have a great plan in place that will help to alleviate the stress of wedding planning along with amazing people who are like-minded and want you to be at ease as much as possible. And as always, say thank you! Remember to thank your team in whatever way you think will be appropriate and most appreciated.

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