5 Critical Things Your Wedding Plan Needs

Your wedding plan needs these 5 things in this year of Covid-19, delayed weddings, and over-booked vendors.

Attention 2021 couples! This post is for you! Let’s help you with your wedding plan needs and get you some action items that you can use today.

This blog post will help to prepare you for your 2021 wedding.

This post prepares couples with wedding dates in 2021. It also prepares for your event in a Covid-19 world.

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The worst thing you can do is not be flexible in these times. The other way to spell wedding planning is flexibility. From budgeting and organizing vendors to guests lists and coordinating event locations literally anything can happen during your 6 months to a year of planning a wedding. You may be a couple that had to postpone your wedding. You may have had to delay your wedding more than once. Some couples have had several delays to get to their final wedding date.

The one thing that you can guarantee will happen is something will change and not usually for the better. But with a solid plan in place, nothing too big or small will be able to throw you off and you will not only enjoy your wedding but also your time leading up to it.

You will lower your stress tremendously by doing just these 5 things. Take time to make a note for each of these 5 items and you will not regret it!

The best news? Do all of these things in 1 week and you will be better prepared for your big day.

Find your venue and officiant

One of the most important things to do in any wedding plan is to make sure that you have your wedding venue selected with several backup venues selected. This is even more important post-Covid. Couples have literally been waiting years to have their wedding. Think about the couple that god engaged in 2019. They are just now able to either have their wedding or select their venue. So, this along with securing your officiant should be at the top of the list.

The Literally relax

It may sound easier said than done but finding ways to relax and enjoy yourself and your spouse to be are extremely important. Taking this very important step will help you to be your best version of yourself during the process. You will be less likely to take out your stress on others and yourself if you find real ways to reduce your stress level and enjoy life. Be creative, find a new destination or new hobby but be sure to do this or it will show up in ways that you don’t want it to before the wedding. One of our favorite tools is the Calm app!

Make your events meaningful

Wedding events are so traditional that we rarely make them our own. Take time to think about why you asked your wedding party to be a part of your most special day. Think about how you can thank them individually (more on this on #5). Spend time creating your events not just hosting them. The more customized you can make the experiences better from the save the dates to the last dance. Don’t just do what everyone else does for their wedding events. This is your wedding and you can be as creative as you like. You can’t be too thoughtful when it comes to including your people in your events.

Have a backup plan

This is another Covid relevant item. You will want to have more backup plans and vendors and even guests and wedding party participants than you ever would have before Covid. The world is just different now in so many different ways. Some people might not be ready to fully return to social life when you think they may be. Be ready for guests and participants to kindly decline your invitations and please don’t hold this against them. People will be ready to return to life outside at different stages. Your wedding plan needs as many backups as possible.

Thank you’s before the wedding

The best-case scenario is finding multiple options or parts of your wedding plan needs at once. My wife and I decided to visit what would hopefully be our future wedding venue. On that same day, we drove by a church that I belong to and I said, “Hey! That’s one of our churches!” It was about one mile away from her preferred reception venue. From there it was an easy decision to book both of these venues together.

The reception venue was booking at least 1 year out so we booked that venue and then we reserved the church and had a little more time to pay for that reservation. But the lesson here is to keep your eye out. You never know when you might see something that will be a part of your wedding day.

Start on these items today! Your wedding plan needs are unique to you. In most cases, when you talk them through with your partner-to-be, you will end up on the same page.

Which will you choose to do first? Another great thing? You can choose any of them. Of course, choosing others may benefit you more however your planning is up to you. You may be more motivated by getting excited and should start with those items first.

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