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5 Critical Things Your Wedding Plan Needs

Your wedding plan needs these 5 things in this year of Covid-19, delayed weddings, and over-booked vendors.

A Safe Location

A safe location has always been a priority however in the time of Covid this is especially important. This year, 2022, is planning to be a very busy year for weddings as many who have postponed their weddings, some for years now, will finally have the opportunity to get married. With what we now know about the transmission of Covid, an outdoor location would be the safest choice, of course with all distancing and masking guidelines still in place. Of course, this does not guarantee safety but the guidelines that are passed down indicate that this is the safer choice than an indoor venue.

wedding plan needs

Safety Resources

wedding plan needs

A Supportive Planning Team

Another thing your wedding plan needs is a team that is flexible and willing to provide support in these unusual times.

wedding plan needs

A Backup Plan

wedding plan needs

A Wedding Planning Timeline

wedding plan needs

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