5 Wedding Planning Blues Cures that are Unusual & Effective

Wedding planning blues can get the best of us, but if we are prepared, we will be ready to face the tasks.

My goal is that by the end of this post, you will feel a little better and have a plan that makes you feel great.

The challenge is that it can be tough to pull yourself out when you feel the wedding planning blues. Well, let us help!

Every person planning a wedding will likely run into a speed bump or two. Or three. Or the whole process may seem overwhelming. Let me offer a few unusual, out-of-the-box ideas that will help take your mind off the stressors or make them more manageable.

We love a good distraction, don’t we? Especially when we have the wedding planning blues. The tougher the process because of that difficult person or that detail that won’t work out, the more welcome the getaway.

List of Unusual & Effective Wedding Planning Blues Cures

We need a little inspiration from outside of our normal routine. So here you go!

wedding planning blues

Something New

Try something you’ve never done before and share your experience with someone you enjoy spending time with. There’s nothing quite like a new food, movie, vacation destination, book, or whatever it may be to give a new perspective. Sometimes, when we are down, it’s not just our stressful situation that has us down but also the same routine over and over.

For new experiences in my hometown or even when I’m traveling, a combination of Yelp.com, instagram.com, and if I am traveling, Tripadvisor can be a powerful combination for just about any experience. If you are looking for the most thorough reviews, yelp will give you excellent insight, especially for restaurants and venues.

If you want to know what the customers think, Instagram is the best way to know exactly what a venue or location looks like from the customer’s perspective. The same TripAdvisor will give you the traveler’s view of your final destination.

wedding planning blues

Something Blue

This is not what you expected me to say, but sometimes, connecting with someone going through the same stressful experience can be great medicine to cure your wedding planning blues. There’s just something about connecting with another person who has or has had the same challenge.

Knowing we are not the first to experience our challenge is great. In this case, find someone who is also getting married and share your experience. You will be surprised how similar your experiences are, and it will let you know that you are not alone.

Something Outside

The great outdoors can be another great boost to our attitude. Now and then, we need to see something we don’t see every day, and the more of this outside, the better. Try a local park, amusement park, garden, or art exhibit outdoors. Even a good farmers market that you have never been to can be quite the pick me up.

wedding planning blues

Something Creative

Making something with our hands is an experience that is quite irreplaceable. But try something with your hands that is completely out of your comfort zone and that you have never tried before. For example, if you are a foodie, try a new handy project from Pinterest. If you are handy, try a cooking class. An art class or a new neighborhood sports league could be just what you need to take your mind off new wedding planning.

Something a Little Crazy to Cure Wedding Planning Blues

Finally, try something out of your schedule to help with your wedding planning blues. Something that you might be even a little embarrassed to try. This is the best time to do it! Try some stand-up comedy, make a song, or karaoke; the options are unlimited. Go live on your social media and share your most embarrassing moment. Just as long as it’s unusual even for you and within reason. After all, let’s not make things more stressful for ourselves.

I hope that your spirit is a little lighter after reading this!

The next step after curing your wedding planning blues is to remember to rinse and repeat if necessary. Sometimes the planning process gets us down. Remember to return to these steps or, as I always say, create your own!

Don’t forget to check our blog next week for more helpful wedding planning and stress-reducing content.

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