5 Simplified Reasons Why Wedding Planning is Stressful

We all know wedding planning is stressful. This post is for anyone dealing with the stresses of wedding planning.

Although this post will not be an end-all cure, after reading this post you will have a better understanding of why weddings cause so much stress.

As we stated in our other articles, there are many unique challenges with wedding planning and reasons why wedding planning is stressful.

What if you could understand the most common stressors related to wedding planning and be prepared to handle wedding stress ahead of time? What if you could understand why wedding planning is stressful so that you are not wondering what is happening but instead have a plan? If this is where you are then this post is for you.

We all know how much better we feel when we understand the causes of our stress. When we get into an airplane we all have varying levels of stress but we understand the reason for that stress. But we get on board because we trust our pilot, our airplane, and our airline company enough to still get on that plane.

The fact that we step onto the flight is proof that we trust these things over the things that could go wrong or our individual fears if we have any. Think about your wedding plan that way. You could let your thoughts about how each detail will go discourage you but it’s of course your love for your spouse to be and your plan for dealing with stress that will help you to take that step forward.

When it comes to wedding planning most people plan out all of the logistics that include the traditional things like their venue, design, dress and tuxes, guest list, and honeymoon. But how many can actually say that they have a plan for how to deal with stress as a part of their plan? This might be more important than all of those other things combined and is certainly impacts anything you do during your wedding planning process.

wedding planning is stressful

This is not an exhaustive list, rather something to help you think about the reasons why wedding planning is stressful from a different perspective.

An Unusual Order of Events

After officiating 9 weddings and then getting married myself, I finally started to realize some of the main reasons why wedding planning is stressful. It’s because at no other type of event do we have the same level of expectations around personal relationships and communication. This is especially true for the wedding party. At no other type of event are we expected to meet, get to know, celebrate with, and be a part of such an intimate occasion in such a short timeframe as we are with a wedding.

This will always be true to a certain extent when it comes to weddings. In many cases, members of the wedding party meet for the very first time at the rehearsal dinner. Then the next day they are standing next to someone in their mutual friend or family member’s most important moment of their lives. Just take a moment to think about how that compares with any other type of event in our lives.

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The Investment Alone

The Window of a Successful Wedding

Emotions are on Public Display

Wedding Planning is Stressful. Period.

Thanks for reading this blog post to better understand why wedding planning is stressful. I hope it was helpful!

Next, you can get ready for the most tangible parts of your wedding plan. But getting a stress plan first is a top priority.

Now you’re a little more prepared for your wedding. Wedding planning is stressful but now you’re ready to take that step!

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