10 Helpful Wedding Planning Template Ideas

This wedding planning template will help you to prepare for your wedding by including the items that you should cross off your list in order for the best experience. This comes from over 10 years of wedding officiating experience and participating in numerous wedding parties.

This list is assuming that you already have your wedding rings taken care of, that you are engaged, and you may have already even thought about your honeymoon destination. Now, let’s take a look at the next few things for your wedding planning template.

Wedding Planning Template


After you’re engaged and take care of your rings and decided on a wedding date, the rest of the budget is at the top of your wedding planning template list. The reason we say the rest of the budget is because you will need to budget for the rings of course.

Along with buying the rings, you will need a general idea of your overall wedding cost before you take any steps. Knowing exactly how much you can afford will save you from several headaches down the wedding planning road. Start with your overall number and plug in the following needs according to your needs and wants.

wedding planning template
10 Helpful Wedding Planning Template Ideas 4 wedding planning template


After you have your wedding budget set the next best thing to do is reserve your officiant. There are several reasons that this should be the very next thing you do after your budget. First, the officiant may be booked farther out than you think. You never know what kind of schedule your preferred person has lined up so the sooner you know you will be getting married the sooner you should schedule your officiant.

Second, it is recommended to start on your pre-marital counseling which can also be required depending on your officiant and venue. In some churches for example, this will be something that will be included in the preparation for the wedding. The sooner you communicate with your officiant the sooner you can get started with and complete marriage counseling with plenty of time before your wedding date. This will lower stress and you will feel more confident and prepared leading up to your wedding.

wedding planning template
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The venue is the next item on your list but not because it’s any less important to reserve. You will need to reserve your venue as quickly as possible especially now that many couples have literally been waiting years to have their wedding. Waitlists are as long as ever.

Not only do you want to get your preference reserved as quickly as possible but you may want to have a much longer list of backups than you usually would because so many have been waiting for so long. You also might consider spending a little more to put deposits down on multiple locations just in case your first choices fall through.

wedding planning template
10 Helpful Wedding Planning Template Ideas 6 wedding planning template

Vendors (music)

Next up you can start working on your vendors because similar to your officiant and venue, your vendors also have a long list of events planned. The ripple effect is that all of the above have longer lines and client lists that they are waiting to serve. Be prepared for this by spending more time in these three areas and you will be more prepared and less stressed.

Wedding Vows

The wedding vows are next in your wedding planning template because after you get the items complete that depend on other peoples’ schedules you will want to get started on your vows. You don’t want to or have to be the person who waits until the very last minute to prepare your vows.

This is a very important part of the wedding planning process and I would recommend spending a healthy amount of time working on this with your spouse to be developing this together. I would go as far as to say that this is one of the most important things that you will do with your spouse to be leading up to the wedding. Check my article here on writing vows together with your spouse.

Wedding Events

Your wedding events are the next item on your wedding planning template now that you have worked on the very important items above. It’s time to plan your parties and invite your wedding party according to all your preferences. This is where Wedistry.com specializes. We offer a free app on the App Store called Wedistry for Wedding Parties as well as a matching Web App where you can plan all your wedding events with just a few clicks. Invite your wedding party to be a part of your events in the app. It’s that easy!


How will your guests get to the wedding from the airport? How will your wedding party get to the venue from the hotel? How will everyone get home after the reception? There are plenty of details to think about when it comes to transportation for your wedding. Just remember it’s not a good idea to take chances and try to avoid having your wedding party or any core members of your wedding make any unnecessary trips or run errands.

If necessary, yes the wedding party is there to support the bride and groom but you don’t want to be in a position where you’re waiting for someone to return from a trip or picking up something to make it on time for a wedding event.

Wedding Party Invitations

Wedding Party invitations is another area that Wedistry.com specializes in along with wedding events. Don’t forget to check out our free app to find the best and quickest way to schedule all your wedding events and invite your wedding party to their specific role in your wedding. You won’t be disappointed!

Wedding Guest Invitations

There are so many amazing wedding invitation services out there, but our clear recommendation is Minted.com. They have the best options, service, and process that we know about, and the price is also fair. Check out Minted.com for some of the best wedding guest invitation options you can find.

Attire (Dress, Suit/Tux, Wedding Party Attire, Events)

The final main component of your wedding planning is to decide on all of your attire. We know. You already have a dress in mind. This is not last because it is least important. It’s last on the wedding planning template because it will surprisingly take the least amount of time to decide on compared to the other items.

But as we all know this is one of the most fun parts along with your overall wedding design.

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