Wedding Prayers for the Bride and Groom

Here are some of the ways that including prayer in your wedding can benefit you and everyone included. 1) You set your mind on God’s love and promises. 2) You ease your mind by giving even your challenges and anxieties over to God. 3) You improve your outlook and attitude about your wedding, your marriage, and your lives together.

wedding prayers for the bride and groom
Wedding Prayers for the Bride and Groom 3 wedding prayers for the bride and groom

Wedding Prayers for the Bride and Groom

A Prayer for Peace

God of Peace, we call on your name today asking that you share your peace with us. We can’t seem to find peace without you. We don’t have direction without you. We are lost without you. But when you are in our presence, our anxieties are addressed. You speak a gentle word to us that sends us in the right direction. Only you can help us to be patient with one another. And so we call on your name and ask that you help us to establish a peaceful home where you are fully welcome.

A Prayer for Faith

Faithful God, you are excellent in all of your ways. You demonstrate how we should treat one another. You are worthy of imitating because you are perfect in all that you do. You are faithful and you see everything through. You are dependable and honorable. And so, help us to have stronger faith in you together in our marriage. Help us to look to your example when we are unsure of our situations. You’ve been faithful to us before and you are still good through all circumstances. We set our eyes on things above, knowing that our blessing comes from the Lord. And because of your goodness, we can live abundantly blessed lives together and in you.

A Prayer for Hope

Eternal God, we thank you that you didn’t give up on us but that you prayed for us when we didn’t even know you. You sought us out and made us your own. You lift our heads when we are down. You make a way when there is no way. Thank you, God. Now we ask that your hope be reflected in the loving lives our our couple from now on. Give them the joy they need from day to day. Let them find truth in your Word. Help them to regain anything that has been lost but most of all hope in you. You are good always.

A Prayer for Love

Loving God, thank you for showing us what true love looks like through your son Jesus Christ. Thank you for being patient with us when we didn’t deserve it. Thank you for your mercy that endures forever. Thank you for walking beside us and showing us every step of the way. There is no love like your love. Now we pray for our couple that you will be their source of love. Guard and guide them in your way and remind them there is nowhere they can go that you will not love them. Encourage them daily to be safe and secure in your presence.

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