A Simplified List of Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

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Wedding anniversary gifts are so important! If you are looking for the appropriate wedding anniversary gift based on how long you have been married this post is for you!

By the end of this article, you will know based on how long you have been married whether there is a traditional theme gift for your anniversary.

The challenge is simple. We don’t have all of the gifts for anniversaries memorized. And when it’s time to think about getting a gift it’s not typically the type of thing that we think about in advance. Even for those people who think about buying gifts ahead of time, this detail may often elude them.

wedding anniversary gifts

Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

It’s your anniversary! Do you know what gift you are getting for your lovely spouse?

The first question I have for you is have you agreed to get gifts for one another? This might be helpful. Although you know your spouse better than anyone communication is always helpful. It might be helpful to have a quick conversation about whether you are getting gifts for one another. Again, this is something that just doesn’t hurt. If you don’t have this conversation just err on the side of making sure that you do something to show appreciation for your love.

You want to make sure that you remember to get a wedding anniversary gift to show your spouse that you appreciate them. This is universally one of the best ways to do that by choosing a gift that fits within the traditional gift years but is also unique to them. The more creative the better.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts

1 year: Paper

wedding anniversary gifts

A music sheet with a song from your wedding, a custom book fold, or a nice journal are just a few ideas of paper wedding gifts for your spouse. You can be as creative as you like with the paper gift year. Other gift ideas include a relationship timeline telling your story, a map of your special locations, or a custom print are other ideas. You can find some great options at Etsy.com. http://etsy.com

2 years: Cotton

wedding anniversary gifts

His and hers robes, an embroidered family portrait, designer socks, or specialty pillows are just a few ideas for cotton. Of course, many clothing items also fit in this category if you know that’s your spouse’s love language.

Along with the first-year paper anniversary, the 2nd year is also cost-efficient for the most part. Most cotton gifts will not break the bank and there is also quite a bit of opportunity for creativity here when it comes to embroidering or the perfect t-shirt.

3 years: Leather

The 3rd year gift for leather is when things start to get a little more exciting. Leather sends a message of just a little more sophistication and maturity. From custom satchels, camera straps, purses and suitcases you have many excellent options to choose from. Other gifts include watches, toiletry bags, and engraved photos.

4 years: Fruit or Flowers

wedding anniversary gifts

The simplest and most obvious choice for the flower gift years is yes, a bouquet of your love’s favorite flowers. Some alternatives to that idea include a beautiful plant, a trip to a well-known garden in your city or home town. One of my favorites is the Atlanta Botanical Gardens in my city of Atlanta. A subscription service to a flower or plant service is another creative way to fulfill this gift year and stay on topic.

Even if you get flowers on a regular basis you may still want to go ahead and do something flower-themed for this anniversary even if it’s not actually flowers. But if you feel like you could do more in this category this is a perfect time to get caught up.

5 years: Wood

wedding anniversary gifts

The wood year for anniversary gifts offers unique gift opportunities and again the world of engraving. A few ideas include a picture frame with photo from your wedding, a cheese board, a sign with a personalized message, or jewelry such as a ring or necklace make for great wedding anniversary gifts.

10 years: Tin or Aluminum

wedding anniversary gifts

The artwork options for the tin or aluminum years are phenomenal. Sculptures, vases, guitar picks, and such gifts are beautiful and useful as well. Some other ideas are personalized collar stays, candle holders, and again of course jewelry.

20 years: China

wedding anniversary gifts

Now this is when it really starts to get serious! The traditional gift for 20 years of marriage is China. Of course you can go for that set of china that you have always wanted and were waiting for the special time. But you should also know that there are opportunities with china gifts to think outside the box. For exmaple, you could go with jewelry made from china such as beautifully designed earrings or a pendant. If you would like to celebrate your wedding date or marriage you could order custom designed china that captures your wedding details or even a photo. If you wan to go with more simple versions you could also select a tea set or a coffee mug for your coffee lover.

25 years: Silver

wedding anniversary gifts

If you are blessed to celebrate 25 years of marriage the traditional wedding gift is the undefeated choice of silver. This is truly one of the best options for wedding anniversary gifts because of its beauty and versatility. Jewelry is the most obivous choice but beyond that you can think about sliver in terms of the categories that it fits in and your best choice for a gift. For example you may be interested in something for your home like a sign, picture frame or even piece of furniture. Or you could think about a gift such as a compass, watch, or money clip. With silver as a choice your options are just about endless.


Remember, there is more to giving a gift than the gift. Think about how you may drop subtle hints that don’t give away your wedding anniversary gifts. Think about the setting where you will deliver the gift. It could be after dinner at your favorite restaurant. It could be after a long walk on the beach. Make sure to share your gift at the best possible time.

Now you know the traditional wedding anniversary gift for the number of years you have been married. This will help you choose an amazing gift!

wedding anniversary gifts

The next step is to simply choose your gift!

The good thing is that the traditional gifts don’t change much by year. Knowing the traditional gift for the year by reading this article is half of the work. Now just to get creative with your current year and think about the best time to share your gift.

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