What Does The Groom Do The Morning of The Wedding?

What does the groom do on the wedding day? The groom’s responsibilities are quite different than the bride’s on the wedding day. But here are a few ideas that the groom can do to keep focused and prepared for this special and sacred day. Write a letter to the bride, get ready with the groomsmen, order coffee for the parents, journal, and remember to review your vows and pray.

Take the Groomsmen to Breakfast

One of the obvious things that a groom will do on the morning of the wedding is get dressed and ready for the wedding ceremony. But before you do this, take the opportunity to spend some special time with your friends. Pick out one of the best breakfast spots nearby and take your groomsmen, or even your best friends who are a part of your wedding party out to breakfast.

It might sound obvious, but when preparing for your wedding you might forget that this particular time can be spent doing something that you enjoy. Rather than feeling like you are confined to hotel breakfast, take this time to thank your friends for their support. This will be a memory that you will cherish over time.

Of course, you will need to check in with the bride. Be sure to tell her that you love her and ask if she needs anything. Even if you believe you don’t want to see the bride before the ceremony on the wedding day, it’s still a great idea to reassure her and let her know everything will go well on the wedding day. Tell her that you love her and be very clear about your plans for the morning. This will help to ensure that nerves are settled.

What Does The Groom Do? Get Ready

Also, you’ll want to prepare all of your clothing and attire for wedding photos. Do this preferably the night before so you will have time the morning of the wedding to gather yourself, collect your thoughts, and pray.

Now, when you take time to go to breakfast with your friends, for example, it’s best that you don’t go out for an extended time. Give yourself an hour give or take plus travel time to spend this special time reflecting on friendship, re-telling how you met the love of your life, and sharing what’s on your heart. Good friends will make you feel supported and give you words of encouragement as you prepare for the most important moments of your life.

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Find a Way To Serve

The next thing you can do on the morning of our wedding is to find a way to serve the wedding party, parents, or friends. This can mean something as simple as delivering Starbucks to your bride and bridesmaids. You can always drop it off at the wedding venue because they will likely be getting ready earlier. You can always text the wedding planner


This is a day that you won’t forget for the rest of your life. At the same time, you may want to write how you are feeling on this special day. Sure, you could count on your memory. But what will make this day even more special is writing down what you observe about the day. Describe your surroundings. Put down on paper some of the anxieties you have but also how in love you are and how you are excited to marry the love of your life. These things will all be true later but if you write them down they will help you to remember this day in a special way.

There is something special about writing down your thoughts and reviewing them later. In this case, it enhances your romance with your spouse. It’s ok if this is not a normal practice for you. Try it out on this special day even for a few minutes and you will be pleasantly surprised by the result when you read your notes years later. You’ll see!

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Check Out The Reception Space

Another thing that you can do on the morning of your wedding day is stop by the reception space. Sure, you’ve already done this several times throughout your wedding planning process but it’s a good idea just to see for yourself that all is going well the day of the wedding. The ceremony space, if it’s in a different space, will be covered by the officiant, bride, and likely wedding planner who will also see the space for themselves. But it’s just a good thing to do especially if it’s close to your ceremony venue and where you’re staying. This is an optional task, of course, but one that is helpful if it makes sense for your wedding day timeline.

Review Your Vows and Pray

Perhaps the most important thing that a groom can do on the wedding day is to be sure that you review your vows. Whether you repeat after the officiant and say your vows together, or speak from your heart and say your vows, you will want to reflect, rehearse, and be prepared. Even though you are speaking from the heart, you will still want to have an idea of what you are saying.

It certainly won’t hurt to be prepared and it will just give you more opportunity to make your words feel and sound natural. Last, but most importantly pray. Pray for everything. Pray for your upcoming marriage, for the guests, for transportation, certainly for your bride, for the venues, vendors, officiant, service, and everything you can think of. There’s nothing better you can do for this day than to pray and ask for God’s help so that all goes well even if it doesn’t.

The most important thing for the groom to remember on the morning of the wedding is that God supports you in what you are doing as well as your support system of family and friends. Do whatever you need to do on this day to be reminded that you are not alone and God will never leave you.

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