What to Write in a Wedding Card. 4 Best Tips for You

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Half the battle when choosing what to write in your wedding card to a guest is choosing the right one. Your card will be a wedding card, not one that can be used for any special occasion.

what to write in a wedding card

Reflecting on Your Relationship

When you think about what to write on a wedding card, remember that this is a memorable occasion, and your card might be a keepsake for your couple. This might also mean that someday, it will be read by others looking at your wedding keepsakes. Just remember that anyone could also read your comments one day. Remember to make your message appropriate so that everyone can read it.

When writing your card, capturing your relationship with the couple and doing your best to follow that relationship in your message are important. In other words, don’t write a message beyond your relationship.

For example, if you are an acquaintance through a friend, you don’t need to write a long message on your card. A simple congratulations and best wishes for the couple are all you will need to write.

If you have known the couple for a long time, if you are a family member or wedding party member, your message to the bride and groom will be much longer and much more heartfelt than a friend or acquaintance. If you are close to the couple, you may even include a letter with your card or something that will help them remember not only this day but also how much your relationship means to them.

Keeping it Simple

But again, if you are not certain that you are close to the couple, the simpler, the better. No one expects you to leave a long message inconsistent with who you are to the couple.

Keeping it Short

When we say simple, we are talking about a few words. “Dear bride and groom, we are so happy for you and wish you all the best in your new life together. Congratulations!” This is an example of keeping it to a minimum. If you are confident that you should write a long message, by all means, you should do so. But if you are not 100% certain, you should stick with something like the message above.

Keeping it Sweet

Just because your brief message does not mean you can’t show kindness to the couple. This is a celebration when you can always let the couple know that you are in support of them as a couple and you want to make them feel special on the most important day of their lives.

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Leaning on Your Strengths

Another thing to remember is to write a message according to your best strengths. If you are funny, if someone has told you that you are funny, by all means, write a joke or funny comment on the card. But again, if you are not certain, you should let a funny card do the work in this area and not try to guess whether the couple will appreciate your joke.

Compliment the Couple

Another thing you can do in your card is complimenting the couple. Let them know that they are a blessing to watch in their journey. Tell them how much you appreciate the invitation to the wedding. Compliment them on being a beautiful couple or anything positive and specific to the couple. One thing to avoid is dating your card with your comment. Don’t say that the rehearsal was beautiful, for example, meaning that you purchased a gift the morning of the wedding and that your card includes that information.

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A Blessing is Appropriate

If you want to share a scripture or a blessing with the couple, that is a great way to show encouragement and support for the couple. Just make sure that your relationship is at this level or that you have some reason why this blessing would be well received. The best case for this is whether you have exchanged this greeting or blessing in the best.

If you would rather not send a traditional card but would instead like to send a video tribute, one option is to send a video through Tribute. This is a great option to send a warm, personal greeting through an up-to-date digital greeting service.

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