Can you wear white shoes to a wedding? 4 Great Recommendations for You

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If you are a wedding guest pondering the question, “Can you wear white shoes to a wedding?” and thinking about pulling off the best fashion style, this blog is for you!

The wedding preparations start way before the actual big day. What to wear, what to purchase? Can you wear white or black color? Or can you wear white shoes to a wedding? Countless questions arise in an individual’s mind when it comes to dressing up for the wedding of their loved ones.

The short answer: While it might be okay to wear white shoes or dress to a wedding under some circumstances, you should avoid the color white completely. This blog post will cover all the situations and provide you with a cascade of alternatives so you can rock your style and make a fashion statement without upstaging the bride.  

white shoes to a wedding
Can you wear white shoes to a wedding? 4 Great Recommendations for You 2 white shoes to a wedding

Is it okay to wear white shoes to a wedding?

Choosing to wear white that resembles bridal attire might be frowned upon by the couple and other attendees. It can be considered as trying to upstage and steal away the spotlight from the bride. However, with the changing trends in the wedding industry; slight shades of white paired up with creamy pastel hues or satin gold are considered acceptable.

But wearing anything that resembles the bride is not appropriate! In addition, choosing the right shoe brands is more than just picking up the dress. It involves the selection of complementary accessories and shoes. Avoid opting for full-white shoes or dresses, and let the couple enjoy the spotlight for their big day. We are sure tons of shoe options available in different colors will add the ultimate final touch to your look. 

How to choose the best wedding guest shoes?

The right pair of shoes can elevate your look and make you look like a fashion icon. The ultimate wedding shoes are based on comfort, style, and matching contemporary style. Opt for the stylish ones, that complement your theme dress, and are comfy enough to enable you to enjoy the event wholeheartedly.

Shoes complement your overall styling and play a crucial look in deciding your overall look. That being said, you must choose them carefully. From heels, sandals, and wedges to ankle strap sandals and ballerinas, we have many recommendations for you!

Hazel Pointed Toe Pump

With stylish design and beautiful color, these hazel pointed-toe pumps are best as wedding shoes. The comfort provided by this pair is unmatchable. And the best part? You can style them with any dress! They will look lavishly modern and stylish.

Glittery double crystal heels

This is an amazing option for attending the weddings of your loved ones. The double bow design looks super chic and aesthetic. The glittery color of these heels embodies immense charm, elegance, and style. Perfect for styling with silhouettes!

Brown Gillie Heels for women

Is there anything more beautiful than wearing a pair of classic brown Gillie heels to a wedding? We don’t think so! The color is a symbolic representation of voguish fashion and trendy designs. They are strappy, budget-friendly, and versatile – what else can one wish for?

The Attico Neon Venus Satin Pumps

A hint of neon never hurt anybody!

These strappy neon pumps are another great alternative to white shoes for wedding guests. The slingback design represents sheer grace and elegance. The neon color will make your dress pop. Highly recommended for outdoorsy summer weddings.

Best wedding shoes for outdoor weddings

The best suggestion for outdoor and countryside weddings would be to avoid the white color completely. Why? Because they get dirty and muddy quickly, you surely don’t want that, right? It is better to opt for the ones that are darker in shade, more comfortable and can provide you with ultimate comfort to enjoy the whole event with grace.

Our best recommendations would be these faux-pearl suede sandals that radiate immense comfort and style. The color is perfect for outdoor summer weddings. Another great hit of the season is these Mustard two-step block heel sandals that give off relaxing tropical vibes.

Choosing from many different tones and designs allows you to represent your style. Wearing shoes that complement your nuptial vision is essential for pulling off the entire look.

Best wedding shoes for indoor weddings

If you are looking for simple yet elegant wedding guest shoes, then these comfortable Bambi Slingback Skimmer Flat Shoes are the perfect option. Their ivory color and crystals embark voguish a trendy design and make these shoes perfect for attending indoor functions.

We are absolutely in love with the chic strappy style of these Satin Fiona Heels! Pair them up with your wedding guest attire; you are ready to go. The versatility of these heels will enable you to stand out from the crowd and distinctively personify your fashion sense.

For the girls who love a pop of color, the ultimate Aldo pink high heels mules are the perfect choice for you! Ditch the white and ivory colors and choose something voguish this season while attending the wedding of your loved one.

Final thoughts

While wearing white shoes might cross your mind, the general rule is to avoid white completely or pair it up with other vibrant colors to diminish the effect. Let the bride be in the limelight on her big day. Lastly, don’t forget to check the attire etiquette with the couple.

A cascade of different tones, patterns, and designs will enable you to carry your wedding guest’s look with sheer elegance and grace. Let your personality reflect through these colors, and let the bride be the spotlight for her big day in her pearl-white attire. It is polite not to wear white as a wedding guest so you might not upstage the bride.

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