3 White Wedding Tuxedo Ideas for the Modern Groom

Are you planning a classic white wedding? Then your groom is going to need a white wedding tux. Many men immediately think “dull rental tux” when they think white, but don’t worry! White tuxes can look sharp and modern on your big day.

White wedding tuxes are versatile and can be dressed up or down according to the atmosphere of your special day. Not only does this make them perfect for formal occasions, but they can also make your casual ceremonies look even better!

In this article, I’ll cover everything you need to know about white wedding tuxes, including fabric choice, styling tips, and where to buy them so that the groom looks just as handsome as the bride on her big day.

Weddings are the most special occasions. You will want to look your best for this formal event, but you will also want to have your style on full display. There are various styles, even in white tuxedos, that you may enjoy.

What to Look For in a White Wedding Tuxedo

You want your white tuxedo to match your bride’s style, meet the weather considerations of your venue, and allow you to be comfortable. White suits are a little easier to match styles than black tuxedoes. A black tuxedo is usually more fitting from a traditional wedding standpoint.

The Black Tux Contrast Shawl Jacket Tuxedo

white wedding tux

This white tuxedo jacket option features black tuxedo pants. The Black Tux gets this combination right; this is a good choice if you are going with black tuxedo pants. This style maintains the elegance of the white jacket. The black trim details, such as the black satin lapels and pocket square, do very well to pull this look together completely. Although the black tux does not offer custom tuxedos, they will work to get your fit right if you need to return it before your big day for another size. They will even cover the standard shipping if they do not get a replacement to you sooner.

But this modern fit white and black pants look is an excellent combination that will let your guests know that you take this seriously.

J.Crew Ludlow Slim-Fit Dinner Jacket

white wedding tux

Another choice for a white wedding tux comes to us from J. Crew. J. Crew, known for being a classic choice, does not depart from that standard with their white tuxedo wedding jacket. This Ivory Tuxedo colored jacket fits in the league of designer tuxedos but at not nearly the same price point. You will want to try this option if you want to lean on J. Crew’s reliability for a good fit and a quality product.

This tuxedo blazer adds to the list of basic tuxedo options but will simultaneously leave nothing to be desired. It’s a beautiful tuxedo and classic tuxedo jacket option.

Jos. A. Bank Slim Fit Dinner Jacket

white wedding tux

Jos. A Bank is known for being a strong choice for style. Their white tuxedo wedding jacket is no different. If you have patronized their stores in the past and are used to their cost, you may want to continue because they are another vendor that tends to be very reliable. They also want to live up to having a quality product, which is in your favor regarding customer service.

But their white wedding tux is just right for those with a few suits in their closet.

Groom White Tux

Although it’s not the typical choice, some grooms may choose the white tuxedo as their wedding tux color. This could be for several personal reasons, but we should honor and respect a groom’s choice for this color on his wedding day.

Gown & Tux Rentals

In conclusion, having the perfect white wedding tux is a specific, intentional choice for a groom on his special day. Choosing the right cut and style can greatly impact your look and feel, from slim fit to classic fit. Researching and shopping around well in advance will ensure your groom looks dapper from head to toe on his wedding day. Investing in quality materials and perfect tailoring are small investments that will pay off in memorable photographs for years to come!

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