Here are 5 simple steps for writing vows to amaze your spouse.

Writing vows is a beautiful part of your wedding planning. If you are looking for advice on what to say during your ceremony, you’re in the right spot. I’ve had the privilege of performing ceremonies for my friends and family over the past decade or so. During those times, I’ve learned just how important ceremonies are—not only for the couple getting married but also for everyone else involved.

The most important moment of your marriage is the exchange of your “I Do”s. Your “I Do”s should include promises to each other regarding your future together. You might also wish to consider including promises to your children. Make sure you keep these promises throughout the course of your life together.

Writing Vows: Getting Ready

The preparations you’ll make as you’re planning to write your wedding vows aren’t like any others you’ve ever done. You’ll find yourself reflecting on why you’re marrying your partner, and what he means to you. Reflecting on these reasons will help you prepare for your big day. Start thinking about how God prepared you for him, and how he can continue to guide you through your marriage.

If you’re going to write your own wedding vows, think about how you’ve been praying for that special person and how it came true for you. You might want to go somewhere that was a part of the beginning stages of your relationship—your first meeting spot or the place where you worked together if it’s a fun place. Doing these activities will help your very special wording to be even more real and fresh.

Step one: Finding a template for vows to amaze your spouse.

A good template for your wedding vows provides samples and a structure that you can follow when writing your own vows. Templates alleviate the stress of creating a blank page and will give you some guidance towards your final draft. You may want to look at different templates before choosing one.

How to Use Your Template

A template should not limit what you can say in your vows. In reality, the concept behind a template is to encourage your own creativity. You do not wish to copy someone else’s work; instead, you would rather take advantage of a spring board to get inspired about things that come naturally to you and then put them into your vows. Remember that keeping in mind how you will utilize this tool will be helpful when writing your vows and make you feel confident about how you will express yourself on your wedding night.

Template Example

With this ring, I, James, take thee, Deborah, to be mine, to have and to keep, for better or for worser, for richer or for poorer, as long us both shall live.

Step 2: Personalize

If you’re planning to get married, then you should probably start thinking about what kind of vow you’ll take. You can choose between an engagement ring promise, a prenup promise, or a marriage promise. You may also decide to include both an engagement ring promise and a prenup promise. The choice is entirely yours, so don’t worry if you aren’t sure where to begin.

I am not happy with my current word choice. I would appreciate feedback from someone who knows me better than anyone else. My officiant can help me think through my thoughts about how these particular sentences sound to me. I should give myself at least three months before I start writing.If you’re thinking about writing wedding vows for your spouse, here are some things to consider:What emotions do you feel when you think about marrying someone?What do you predict could be challenging in our relationship?What’s your favorite thing we’ve done together?How do you think you can help us be better spouses?

Hopefully, these question will help you to think about what to include. Knowing why you’re saying what you choose to speak will help you to be prepared for your wedding day.

Step three: include your memories

The words you use do not have to be dull. You can say what you mean in a way that is unique to you. Vows should be personal, so make yours special. Say something meaningful to your partner about how much he means to you. Write down your vows, then keep them close to you throughout your life together. They’re the best keepsake you’ll ever own.

The basics of how best to write vows to amazes your spouse will always remain unchanged. Standard vows including loving your spouse through illness and health and remaining faithful forever. You should also add a couple of key lines that let your love know exactly what you’re saying. Don’t worry about forgetting your own wording. This leads us to our final section.

Before we move onto the next section, take a minute to reflect upon your life. What do you consider to be the best parts? Do you recall any particular events that made you happy? Perhaps you can find something funny about each memory. Maybe you’ll come across an event where you laughed so hard that tears came out of your eyes. Or maybe you’ll discover something that brought a smile to your face because it was unexpected. Whatever it may be, try to find the good things in your life. Take pride in remembering the times that were meaningful to you. These are the memories that should be cherished and remembered forever.

Step 4: Try out, practice, test

To create an amazing experience together, practice reciting your vows until they’re second nature. Don’t worry if you forget some of them; you’ll only get married once.

In order to make your life easier, we’ve prepared a list of things you should do before your big event. Start planning early so you can get everything done in advance. You’re not only saving yourself a lot of stress, but also ensuring a smooth transition into married life!

Practice makes perfect! You can practice by yourself, with a partner, in front of the bathroom mirror, or in the shower before heading out the door. Just remember to put some effort into practicing.

You may also consider recording a short speech for your wedding ceremony. It will give you an idea of how you sound when you speak out loud. Recording yourself gives you a chance to see if there are any pronunciation issues that need to be fixed before your big day.

Step 5: Display Your Vows

Display your loved ones’ names in your home where you live everyday. Place these posters around your house so you can see them every single day. These posters do not have to be huge; just make sure they’re big enough to read. Putting these posters up in your home will remind you of how much you care about your family members. You may put them up during your wedding ceremony or as an anniversary present.

A special place where you’ll be able to keep your vows forever.

Displaying your marriage vow in a special place will be an amazing present for you and your spouse. Your words are so important they should be seen in your house for you and your loved ones. Leave your guests’ comments about your marriage vow in the comment section below.

Bonus: An Example

This sample starts with an example of a traditional vow and then includes some customized wording. For instance, “I promise to be true to you” could become “I promise to be faithful to you.”

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