Here are 5 Simple Steps for Writing Vows to Amaze Your Spouse

Writing vows is a beautiful part of your marriage preparation for your wedding day. You have come to the correct place if you seek guidance about what to say during your service. I’ve been helping couples prepare for their weddings for the last ten years. During those occasions, I’ve observed how important ceremonies are — for the bride and groom and everyone who participates.

The most critical moment in any relationship is the day you say “I do” on your wedding day. To make your wedding vows meaningful and memorable, you may wish to consider writing them down. These can then be placed somewhere special, such as in an album or in a safe place where they will remind you of your commitment to one another.

writing vows

What are Wedding Vows?

Wedding vows are promises a couple makes to each other on their wedding day. They are typically spoken during the ceremony and serve as a reminder of two people’s commitment to one another. Vows can be traditional or personalized, often including promises of love, loyalty, and support. Writing vows is a great way to make your wedding ceremony unique and special. A vow exchange is a beautiful way to express your commitment and love for each other.

Declaration of intent: what is it?

A declaration of intent is a statement made by the couple during their wedding ceremony that expresses their commitment to each other. It is usually spoken after the exchange of rings and before the vows are said. The declaration of intent can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish, but it should express your love for one another and your desire to build a life together. This statement can also include any special promises or commitments that you wish to make to each other.

writing vows

Writing Vows: Getting Ready

As you plan to compose your vows, your preparations aren’t like any you’ve ever made before. You’ll reflect on why you’re getting married to your companion and what he or she means to you. Reflection on these reasons will assist you in preparing for your special day. Begin considering how God prepared you for your spouse and how he may keep guiding you throughout your life together.

If you’re writing vows, consider thinking back to when you were praying for that special someone and how it came true when you met them. It could be helpful to take some time to remember the first time you met or the location where you started working together. These things may help your very special words come out even better.

writing vows

Step 1: Find a wedding vow card design that will wow your spouse.

A good template for you to use when writing vows will provide examples and a structure you could use when writing your own. Templates help alleviate the stress of starting from scratch and give you guidelines for your final version. You might consider looking at different templates before deciding which one to choose.

How to Use Your Template

A template is not meant to restrict you from expressing yourself creatively. Instead, it is an opportunity to inspire you to create something unique and personal. When writing vows, remember that you may find inspiration in the words of others who have gone before you. However, if you want to write your own special words, remember that they will only be effective if they are yours.

Template Example

With this ring, we, James and Deborah, take each other to be our spouses, to have and to hold, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, until death do us part.

Step 2: Personalize

If you are getting engaged, you should probably think about what wedding vows you would like to make. You could choose between an “engagement” vow, a prenuptial agreement, or a marriage vow. You might consider including both an “engagement vow” and a prenuptial contract. Your decision is entirely yours, so don’t worry whether you know how to do it.

I’m not happy with my current phrase choices. I’d appreciate feedback from someone who knows me. My officiate can help me figure out what sounds best to me. I should take at least three months to write them down. If you’re thinking about writing marriage vows for your partner, here are some ideas to consider: What feelings do you have when you imagine yourself married to someone? What do you anticipate being difficult in your relationship? What’s your favorite thing we did together? How might you help us be better partners?

These questions will hopefully give you ideas about what to say when you marry. Being well-prepared will ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Step 3: Include your memories

The words you choose do not have to be boring. You can find a new word every day if you try hard enough. Your wedding vow can include any sentiment you’d like. Tell him how much you love him, or tell her how much she means to you. Make your wedding vow personal and memorable. Keep it close to you, and you won’t forget those crucial moments forever.

The basics of how to write wedding speeches will always remain unchanged. Traditional wedding speech topics include expressing gratitude to the bride and groom, thanking guests, wishing them good luck, and paying tribute to the bride and groom’s parents. You should also add two key lines that let your audience know exactly what you’re trying to say. Don’t worry if you forget your wording. This is the last section we’ll cover today.

Before we move on to our next step, take a moment to reflect on your past. What did you enjoy doing in school? Did you ever participate in extracurricular activities? Were you involved in sports teams? How about clubs? Think about what you enjoyed doing in high school. Was there one thing that stood out above everything else? Perhaps you found something that you liked doing. You might remember spending hours playing video games or watching movies. Maybe you loved reading books. Whatever it was, try to think back on those moments. Remember them fondly. They’re the ones that should be treasured and remembered forever.

Step 4: Test, Practice, and Adjust

Before you say “I Do,” practice saying your vows so that when the moment comes, you’ll be able to recite them without thinking. You won’t need to memorize every word because you’ll only marry one person.

Before your wedding, there are several things you need to take care of. So start preparing early so you don’t miss anything important. By doing so, you’ll save yourself a lot of hassle and ensure a smooth transfer into married life.

It doesn’t matter where you’re practicing – whether alone, with a partner, before the mirror, or in the bathtub – just be sure to put some effort into it.

You might also want to record a short speech for your marriage ceremony. It will help you get some ideas of how you would normally say things so that you know whether there are any pronunciation issues you need to fix before your big day.

Step 5: Display your vows

Display your loved one’s name in your home where you spend every moment of your life. Put these posters around your home so you can see them every day. These posters do not need to be huge; just ensure they are large enough to read. Placing these posters inside your home will remind you how much you love your family member. You may place them up during your wedding or as an anniversary gift.

Traditional Wedding Vows

Wedding vows to express your feelings towards your future wife or husband. These vows usually consist of four parts:

  • 1) Introduction
  • 2) Thankfulness
  • 3) Affection
  • 4) Commitment

Here are examples of traditional wedding vows:


“Marriage is a sacred bond between a man and woman.” (Traditional)

“Man: Friends, in fear of the Lord, and before this assembly, I take my friend AB to be my wife, promising, through divine assistance, to be unto her a loving and faithful husband until it shall please the Lord by death to separate us.”


“I thank God for this wonderful blessing.” (Modern Weddings)


“To my beloved…” (Modern)


“With all my heart…” (Modern)

As we enter upon the privileges and joys of life’s most holy relationship of marriage and begin …..

Vow Re-Writing Tips

Maybe you’ve noticed a few common themes if you’ve been looking at different ways to re-write wedding vows. For example, many modern couples mention their children or perhaps both spouses’ professions. There are other variations, but here are some tips to help you write the perfect vow:

1. Keep it Simple

Avoid using flowery language. This could give off the impression that you’re trying too hard. Instead, please keep it simple and direct. Let her know exactly what you feel. If you have a very specific idea of what you’d like to tell her, then use quotes from famous people who inspire you. You can even look through the dictionary and find words that have certain meanings.

2. Don’t Be Too Long-Winded.

Short sentences work best. A great way to make the most impact is to start with a statement rather than “I.” Start with something that tells her what you believe about marriage and why she is so special. Then, move on to telling her more about yourself. You don’t need to go on and on about your past relationships. This should be reserved for after your first date together.

3. Make it Personal.

Include stories about you and the kind of relationship you envision having. Tell her how you feel about spending your time and energy on each other. Explain why you think you were meant for each other. Share details about your hopes and dreams. In addition, talk about your hopes and dreams for your new family.

4. Emphasize Love.

The key to making your vow memorable is to emphasize love. Show her how much you care by talking about what you appreciate about her. Talk about your appreciation for her kindness, intelligence, beauty, sense of humor, etc. Express how lucky you are to share your life with such a beautiful person.

5. Use Your Words Wisely.

You shouldn’t try to impress her with fancy words and phrases. Choose your words carefully. Think about how your tone sounds when speaking to her. Do you sound confident? What do your emotions convey? How does your body language display? Are you smiling? If not, change your facial expression. Remember to project confidence and comfort.

Final Word

Don’t worry about the exact wording of your vows. Write whatever comes naturally to you. Take note of what works well in previous weddings. However, remember to personalize them for your own unique story.

Religious Wedding Vows

If you’re religious, there are different rules for writing wedding vows. Many religions have specific guidelines for writing vows that must be written before a couple gets married. Here are just a few examples:

Christians normally write two sets of wedding vows. One is for the groom to give to his bride. The other one is for the bride to give to the groom. Christian wedding vows may also include a third part the minister gives, explaining the meaning behind the couple’s vows.

Supportive Wedding Vow Example

“As I am now ready to take this woman as my lawfully wedded wife, I promise to be faithful to her and to hold her dear until death separates us.”

Wedding Vows For Everyone!

There’s no reason anyone has to stick strictly to traditional wedding vows. Some couples choose to write their versions. Whether or not they follow tradition, these personalized vows will leave an unforgettable impression.

Some couples read out loud the vows they wrote aloud during their wedding ceremony. Others recite a poem or song that describes their feelings toward their partner. These readings can even be done before the wedding ceremony begins.

Step-Dad Wedding Vow Example

I’ve been blessed to marry into this wonderful family. My heart overflows with joy. My happiness goes beyond measure.

This man, who stands before me today, shares a bond that transcends all others. His strength and devotion have brought me untold joy and made me laugh throughout our lives together.

Now he gives me a gift far greater than any diamond – his son. May God bless him and keep him always. He is my world and my love always.

Simple Wedding Vow Example

The best way to express your feelings towards your partner is by telling them something they already know. Writing down your thoughts and feelings on paper makes it easier to revisit those moments whenever you want.

Writing vows doesn’t need to be difficult or time-consuming. It’s more important to be sincere and honest while doing so. This will help make your vows special – and memorable.

Writing wedding vows should not be too hard. If you think about it, most things in life are pretty easy once you get going. However, when you start to get stressed over writing wedding vows, it’s time to step back and look at yourself. Once you do that, you might realize that writing wedding vows isn’t all that hard after. So here we’ll show you some ideas to help make your wedding vows seem the best. But first, let’s take a closer look at what wedding vows are supposed to accomplish.

Here is a simple wedding vow example:

I, John, promise to be your faithful husband, care for, enjoy life together, and share in life’s most wonderful experiences. As your wedded husband, I commit to being your partner in life and holy marriage. May our married life be blessed in Jesus Christ.

Heartfelt Wedding Vow Example

To the best friend I’ve ever had, thank you for being there for me through thick & thin. To the most amazing woman I know – thanks for loving me unconditionally. And last but not least, to the best father ever. Thanks for teaching me everything I need to be successful.

Personalized Wedding Vow Examples

1. “May this ring symbolize our commitment to each other. We promise to be there for each other through good times and bad. May we grow old together? Thank you for giving me your love. I love you.”

2. “You are more important to me than anything else. I would never want it any other way. I love you so much. You make me smile, feel warm inside, and bring me happiness. I will do all I can to make sure you find true love. I hope you’ll still think kindly of me when I’m gone. Thank you for marrying me.”

3. “All I ask is to spend the rest of my life making you happy. To show you how much you mean to me. I promise to live every day trying to prove how special you are. This ring shows our love for each other. It means I will always be here for you. I wish you many years of happiness together.”

4. “The greatest treasure I possess is my husband. He makes me feel loved and valued. I pray that I may continue learning from and growing by his side. I promise to treat him like the finest jewel I own. I vow to nurture and support him. I vow to respect him at ALL times. And I vow to cherish and love him forever… just as long as he lets me!”

5. “For better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, till death do us part…”

Have fun with these ideas, and let us know what works!

Timeless Wedding Vow Example

“Dearest, we will share the moments of our marriage in joys and sorrows. Your presence and companionship will comfort me and give meaning to my days. You will teach me patience, understanding, and compassion through the years. I pledge to love and care for you until death parts our souls.”

Wedding Vow Tips

When writing wedding vows, it’s best to think about three things. First, consider where the wedding takes place. Will it be at home, church, or someplace else? Second, focus on the importance of the event. Be sure to highlight its significance. Finally, write about something important to both of you. This could include something between you years ago or that you plan to continue doing after the marriage.

Wedding Vow Examples to Inspire Your Own

These vows are great examples of inspiration! Let’s see if we can help inspire you too.

Wedding Promise: The first time I saw him, I knew right then and there that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. I promise to give him my whole heart, mind, and body.

Wedding Vows for Her

“I offer you this ring to bind myself to you. I promise to give you comfort and share my heart with you. Because I love you with all my heart, I promise to be your faithful wife.”

Wedding Vows for Him

Wedding Vows for Him

“My deepest desire is to serve you as your servant and delight you always. My only dream is to please and provide you with the happiness you deserve.”

A special location where you can keep your wedding vows forever.

If you want to give a unique wedding gift to your husband or wife, display their vows in a place where everyone can see them. Write down any compliments people leave in the “Comments” box below.


Should I write my wedding vows?

Yes, writing your wedding vows is a great way to declare your love for your partner. Writing your vows allows you to be creative and personalize the ceremony to reflect you as a couple. It also allows you to share how much your partner means to you and what they mean to you. Writing your vows can be daunting, but it’s worthwhile.

Should I include religious elements in my wedding vows?

It is entirely up to you and your partner whether or not to include religious elements in your wedding vows. If you and your partner are both religious, then including a few lines from scripture or a prayer with the help of a spiritual leader or a wedding officiant can be a meaningful way to express your commitment to each other. However, if you are not religious, avoiding religious references in your vows is best.

Can I read my wedding vows instead of memorizing them?

Yes, you can read your wedding vows instead of memorizing them. However, it’s a good idea to memorize your vows and have a copy handy if you forget anything.

What is the ideal length for wedding vows?

Ideally, your wedding vow should be about 2 minutes long and contain 200-300 words. You might want to practice your vows beforehand to get a feel for the length and flow of your words.

Is it necessary to recite your vows in front of everyone?

Not! You can recite a generic vow in front of everyone and choose to recite your vows privately. It’s entirely up to you and your partner.

Can we have funny wedding vows?

Yes, you can have funny wedding vows! Adding a bit of humor to your wedding vows can be a great way to lighten the mood and make your ceremony more enjoyable for everyone. Just make sure that the jokes are appropriate and don’t take away from the moment’s seriousness. You can also use funny stories or anecdotes about your relationship to add levity to your vows.

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