Your Wedding Day Devotional

Your Wedding Day Devotional is a very important part of your wedding. It allows you the privilege to bless your special day and your marriage. In this blog post, we will discuss some ideas you can pray about and help find any answers you may have about the next chapter in your life.

Here are just a few ideas for things to pray for on the day of your wedding:

-a spirit-filled ceremony

-safe travel and well-being for all wedding party, participants, and guests

-For God to bless the marriage through the ceremony dedicated to Him

-that Christ will be the foundation of your marriage and your home

-that your marriage will be fruitful according to God’s plan for your lives

-a joy-filled day without disruption

-weather. That’s right, be bold! Don’t be afraid to ask for the weather to hold out for you

These are just a few universal ideas to believers on their wedding day. We are sure that you already have a plan, and of course, there will be things you want to pray for that are specific to you. Things that come up leading up to the wedding that only you and your spouse know about. Just remember that God’s got it all figured out, no matter how big or small of an issue you face.

Now that you’ve prayed, let’s prepare for your wedding day devotional. This post assumes that you and your spouse are not doing the traditional “no look” plan on your wedding day. This plan assumes that you will take time on the day of your wedding to have your wedding day devotional together.

We know this is not the norm, but nothing says that you are not allowed to see, pray with, or have a wedding day devotional with your soon-to-be spouse. If it’s the wedding dress you want to keep a surprise until the ceremony, the easy solution is to wear something other than your wedding dress for this special time together.

We also always recommend

your wedding day devotional

Thank you for the journey

-we all have journeys in this life. As a couple preparing to be married, your journeys are important; however, when we come together in marriage, our journeys become bound together as one journey.

Bless our home and our lives no matter where we live or what our callings may be throughout our lives together.

-bless us in the city and the country

We ask God to give us everything we need in this life. We may work hard, enjoy time with one another, and give the right friends to counsel and support one another. This passage also lets us know that God can bless us no matter where we are. In other words, there is no place that we can go where God will not be able to find us and bless us.

Help our marriage to be fruitful.

-Marriage is an important way to remember how to give to one another and the community. Sometimes, this balance can be a challenge. Either we can spend too much time and effort at home working on our marriage and leave out the community, or we can spend too much time in the community and not strengthen our home. But marriage should be fruitful, meaning giving outside of the marriage should be a priority, like at home.

A healthy balance of giving to those in need and working to make our home full of love and hospitality.

Something in your marriage should be growing out of your marriage, meaning it should not be just for the 2 of you. It should also be for those who have a need whom you can assist.

Bless this day

Ask for God’s blessing from when everyone wakes up in the morning until the day is done. This prayer focuses on the details. We pray that everyone is in place.

Feed us spiritually and help us to grow in Christ

Colossians 1:9-10

One of the practices that gets easily forgotten or not a top priority is your devotional life together. It’s a good practice to get started on your wedding day with your wedding day devotional. This will help you to continue this habit after you’re married. It will be an easier practice to continue rather than trying to include this after you’re married.

Protect us from harm and danger.

Isaiah 41:10

-It’s always good to pray for God’s divine protection. This is especially true as you are entering into the sacred union.

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