5 Things Your Wedding Officiant Would Love for You To Know

Your wedding officiant would love for you to know that you are loved by God. The wedding planning process may seem like it presents new challenges but many have likely encountered your very same planning problems before. And last but most importantly, remember to preserve your love for one another and enjoy your wedding. At Wedistry we believe that your wedding is not just the ceremony or even the reception. The process begins when you commit to being married and it ends after your wedding events.

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5 Things Your Wedding Officiant Would Love for You To Know 3 your wedding officiant

About Your Wedding Officiant

First, there are some things that you want to know about your wedding officiant. Wedding officiants are far from all the same. Depending on the denomination or Christian background you will have all different kinds of options available.

You Are Loved By God

The first thing that your wedding officiant wants you to know, or rather remind you of, is that you are loved. The wedding planning process is replete with challenging situations and decisions that need to be made. It’s much like an actual full-time job that you are not compensated for tangibly but rather with the blessing of being with the one you love. Although it is a difficult task, that is never the most important part of wedding planning nor should it be the focus.

There Is Nothing New About Weddings

Throughout the wedding planning, you will encounter something that seems like it’s a new challenge. And sure, it is to you at the moment. And it may even appear to be something that’s never happened before. But if you think about the same challenges in terms of what category it falls into, you can rest assured that it’s happened before.

Family issues and relationships, vendor conflicts, schedules, and transportation. Yes, your challenge has never been faced before in the way that you’re encountering it. But someone, rather many people, can relate to the type of issue that you’re witnessing. This won’t fix the problem but you may find it helpful to know that you’re not the only person in the history of the world that’s had to face something similar.

Buckle Up And Enjoy The Ride

The last thing that your wedding officiant wants you to know is to please enjoy the process. The reason for this is that if your wedding planning journey gets reduced to the hard conversations and the headaches that come along with the process (for everyone) you might miss the important part. This season of wedding planning is meant to help the couple prepare for marriage.

It’s meant for prayer, fruitful discussions, and learning more about one another than ever before. It’s meant for enjoyable experiences, amazing dates, and serving your community together. It’s meant for being there for others, listening to couples who have experienced being married, and building faith together. This mustn’t be replaced by the daily grind that comes along with the wedding.


Remember to send your wedding officiant a thank you note along with their honorarium for performing your wedding ceremony as well as pre-marital counseling. It will go a long way. And remember to enjoy the journey!

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