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Invite Your Wedding Party With These 3 Awesome Ideas

Your wedding party is waiting for you. Now you just need to invite them and prepare for your wedding. If that’s where you are this post is for you.

After reading this post you will know exactly why you’re choosing each person in your wedding party.

It’s hard choosing your wedding party! For instance, you have friends and family you have known for years. The challenge will be that it may take a little time to come up with your wedding party. This will not be a decision that you make in one day. You may have some reflection and even reminiscing but it will all be worth it!

your wedding party

-the factors in choosing your wedding party

How to Choose your Wedding Party

It may sound a little strange but when you really think about it you want your wedding party to be a dream come true. You want them to be the ultimate supporters, cheerleaders, and best backers you can find. The wedding process can be long and difficult especially when the wedding date is planned over a year from engagement. You will want to have the most skilled, most encouraging friend and family you can possibly gather.

And so, you don’t want to choose your wedding party because of their abilities and what they will be able to do for you leading up to and during your wedding. You do however want them to be able to do tasks at the last minute, be available to support you, and have particular skills sets that will come in handy. Your dream team wedding party needs to be just that. They need to do things that you may not even think of until you need them.

When it comes to assigning your roles there are some things you should not worry about. You should not worry about trying to please everyone. This is your wedding day and although you would like to make everyone happy you will need to make decisions that may not please every person. You can however find a place for everyone that is appropriate and respectful.

-you’ve decided on your party. How to know you’ve made the right decision (because it’ not too late to change your mind)


The Bridal Party

One question you may have is, how many bridesmaids should I have? Again, there is no set number however you may want to try to balance this with your spouse and also think about how this will affect your wedding events. For example, your wedding party pictures, introductions at your reception, and your seating arrangement at your head table will all be affected by the number of bridesmaids you choose.

Remember to make a place for your Maid of Honor or Matron of Honor as well as keeping in mind any double duty anyone is doing. There are many roles in a wedding that are not necessarily formal parts of the wedding like helping the bride with her dress or helping to keep the wedding party on the same page. These are all things to think about when deciding the number of bridesmaids you will have at your wedding.

The Groomsmen

The groomsmen are usually a little easier to assign to their roles however there are still a few things to remember. Most grooms have one best man but remember that when assigning your wedding party you can do what’s best for you. It is sometimes helpful to have two best men or more if those people mean that much to you in your lives. In fact, this can be a good way to solve the issue of including groomsmen who mean equally as much to you in your wedding.

Also, like the bridesmaids, remember to evenly assign the tasks that are not so obvious like if you have your groomsmen to handle the transportation, parking, helping elderly guests to their next wedding destination. It will be worthwhile to make a list of the tasks each groomsman will be focusing on just to make sure it is balanced and that they are not overwhelmed by trying to do too much on your wedding day. if someone needs to make a last-minute trip to the airport to pick up someone they won’t be able to assist with very much closer to the venue for example.

Finding the Right Roles

What if you could find a place for everyone that means something to you in your wedding? 

Did you know the average wedding party size in 2020 was still 10 according to wedding wire? There is no set number. You can have as many as you like but here are a few things to think about.

-how many are in your total wedding party? You want it to be proportional

-what it will look like

-of course how many your spouse has

-what you will do on your Bridesmaids’ Day or Guy Time

The Good News

The good news? Even though you may be limited in selecting bridesmaids and groomsmen you can still get creative and find a place for everyone.

Because I got married a little later than my friends, there were many people that I wanted to include in my wedding party. But I had to really decide on the right people for my wedding party based on the following reasons. This was really hard work. I also wanted to make my wife happy by matching the number of people in her wedding party. Here are the factors that helped me make the decision. 

The Key Questions

-when was the last time I talked with them?

-how long have I known them?

-how often do I speak with them?

Assign your wedding party with these key questions in mind. With a plan, you will definitely be able to choose all of your wedding party and find a place for everyone who has an important place in your life.

Next, take some time to think first about your oldest friends and family. Go all the way back to think about who you have known the longest and work from there.

Aren’t you looking forward to having a dream team wedding party?

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