10 Ways to be a Good Groomsman

A good groomsman can be a big help on your wedding day. Groomsmen can help to support the couple in many different ways not only on the wedding day but throughout the wedding events. A few examples are 1) transportation 2) assisting wedding vendors 3) welcoming wedding guests.

good groosman

Be punctual

Quite possibly the most important thing you can do to be a good groomsman is to be on time to your wedding events. It goes without saying that you must be on time to the wedding ceremony but this applies to all wedding events from the wedding shower and guy time to the wedding rehearsal and ceremony.

Always bring a gift

It’s common to bring a gift to the wedding but we would recommend bringing a gift to each event that you attend. You don’t need to break the bank. But you would be surprised at how bringing a $20 gift to guy time or a card with a $20 bill to the wedding shower will be appreciated by the couple. Bringing a small gift to each event that you’re invited to shows your appreciation for being included in such a special time.

Be kind

This is something that might be overlooked by groomsmen because it seems like you are not the focus of the wedding. That may be true however you will definitely be seen and noticed as a member of the wedding party. Being kind is not only reflection on you but also the couple. Be sure to be kind to each and every person you encounter as a part of the wedding events. This will definitely be noticed by the couple and of course those with whom you interact.

Bring gadgets

One thing that would be really helpful is if as a groomsman you would bring things to the wedding that no one else is thinking about brining but everyone could need such as a first aid kit, bottles of water, an extra phone charger or two, and some snacks. These are just a few examples but you never know what someone may need during a wedding.


One of the main responsibilities that a groomsman might have during a wedding is a shuttle for those from the airport, hotel, or venues. Even if you have a plan for transportation such as using Uber or a car service, you will likely still need the assistance of more drivers for smaller tasks or to cover some trips.

Assisting vendors

Sure, it’s the responsibility of your vendors for set up of your events however you may still need additional help from your groomsman to provide certain elements to your designs.

Dress appropriately

Be sure to ask the couple if they don’t tell you what to wear to each and every wedding event. This is so important!

Be aware

The groomsman has the flexibility to be on the lookout for things that other wedding party members may not be able to. Be sure to keep your eyes open at all times just to be sure you are ready if anyone needs help.

Be prepared for anything

Again, be prepared! You just don’t know who will need help of if you will need to assist with any part of the wedding setup and planning.

Enjoy yourself!

Remember not be all work and no play. This is a special time so be sure to take time to appreciate it!

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