Atlanta Wedding Venue Spotlight

If you are looking for an Atlanta Wedding Venue, here are a few that we will highlight for 2023 and 2024.

Atlanta Wedding Venue Ideas for You

Ambient + Studio – This optical wonder is a favorite for many, and we see why. The Ambient + Studio space is the choice for those who care about class, style, and design in one. This is the ultimate space for photos that will radiate and impress for years. The Atlanta Wedding Venue lives up to the name and doubles as a studio for portrait-like photos of your ceremony, reception, wedding party, and guests.

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Atlanta Wedding Venue Spotlight 3 atlanta wedding venue

Atlanta Botanical Garden – Atlanta Botanical Garden is a family favorite and offers a variety of events throughout the year. The Christmas light display is one of the most popular and well-attended events. But one thing is for sure. It also serves as an amazing wedding venue. If you are considering an outdoor wedding in Atlanta, you should consider this option that will compare with another space. With plenty of space for an outdoor ceremony and an indoor or outdoor reception, you have plenty of opportunities to make this space reflect you and your spouse for your special day.

Canoe – This beautiful venue offers a stunning view through the back window of the restaurant into the waterway. This would be an excellent choice for a reception or a small backyard-type wedding feel. The inside could serve as a buffet-style meal area, and the greenery in the outdoor space provides enough space for many guests to attend. By the way, Canoe is one of the most favorite restaurants in Atlanta, so they check the gorgeous venue and delicious food choice boxes.

Historic Dekalb County Courthouse – One of the most historic and alluring event spaces is the sought-after Dekalb County Courthouse. This space, featured in movies and shows such as Falcon and The Winter Soldier, uses the brilliant light that shines through the historic windows to create a just as stunning as any other. This space is right for a small wedding or a larger reception. We are a little biased because this was our reception space, and it was delivered as a very quality space.

Peachtree Christian Church – There are many grand sanctuaries in Atlanta, but Peachtree Christian Church stands out as one of the most stunning. The stained glass windows that tell a story of the Gospel around the room will immediately capture your eye. But the organ structures, the bright wood color that also grabs your attention right away, and the cathedral ceiling are sure to take your breath for a moment. This space will cause you to feel reverent and also want to capture a photo of your wonderful ceremony. Be sure to book your wedding here plenty ahead of time.

Ponce Church – For a traditional church wedding venue, Ponce Church offers a wonderful space for you and your guests. Although the sanctuary seats many guests, the architecture makes it feel like a small, intimate ceremony. The design of the chancel offers a unique yet approachable space that allows the wedding party to enter and depart the space seamlessly. This sanctuary is worth a tour if you want a church wedding service in the heart of Atlanta.

Ray’s on the River – Another beautiful outdoor space well known as one of the most favorite restaurant destinations in the City is Ray’s on the River. This Atlanta wedding venue, which is not far from Canoe, provides gorgeous outdoor space for a ceremony or indoor space for a small ceremony or reception. Outdoors, there’s unlimited potential for perfect photos. Either way, you will be pleased with this wedding venue, and your guests will surely enjoy the space and talk about how beautiful your wedding was for years to come.

The Roof at Ponce City Market – This fun choice offers one of the city’s best views on the rooftop but just about anything you would want to do in the space below. The Roof at Ponce City Market includes activities such as mini golf and a midway full of games to enjoy. The full experience would consist of all of these options for your guests, or you can ask to rent the whole space for your ceremony. The space accommodates up to 2000 people, and you have plenty of space to choose where your ceremony will take place and your reception, for example, on the rooftop terrace.

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