How to Handle Wedding Stress in 5 Simple Steps

This blog post is for anyone who feels stressed about your wedding after getting engaged and wants to learn how to handle wedding stress.

You will always have some stress while planning your wedding, but your happy ending here is that you will have a plan to manage your stress rather than your stress managing yourself.

As we have covered in other posts here at Wedistry, the challenge is that wedding stress comes from different sources that we are not used to managing all at once.

A Plan Will Help

Every person planning a wedding deals with wedding stress, but the stress that comes with planning does not have to reach unmanageable levels.

We all know that wedding planning can damage budgets, relationships, friendships, and other things if not handled well. This plan will help you to avoid some of those pitfalls.

5 Steps for You

Following these 5 steps in this article to handle wedding stress will save you from conversations that don’t need to be had, the physical stress that comes with wedding planning, and unnecessary decisions. We make our best decisions when we are thinking well and clearly. Let the major decisions that come with wedding planning be based on a sound mind and a low-stress body.

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Start with Prayer

This might sound super obvious for someone from a faith-based background, but before doing anything else in your wedding planning, I recommend starting with prayer. There is something about the practice of prayer and putting God first in our plans that allow us to see the situation beyond ourselves, in other words, give health distance from ourselves, prepare in a unique way, and reduce our stress and anxiety by connecting with God.

Also, when we pray, God reveals things to us about our situation in a special way, whether it’s while we are praying or at a later time. Prayer is our best first step in anything we do as believers, but especially during the wedding planning season; you will want to be grounded and prepared more than ever.

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Bonding With your Wedding Party

For an even stronger relationship with your wedding party, this is something you can bond with leading up to your wedding. If your best man, bridesmaid, or family member is open to it, ask them if they would support you in prayer or even pray with you. You will surely see the fruit of this decision and be blessed by this practice. This is your best practice to handle wedding stress.

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Intentional Relaxation

When it comes to wedding planning, it’s important to be intentional about how you want to relax. The reason this is important is that during wedding planning season if you don’t make time to relax it’s not likely to happen. The many tasks that come with making your special day like a dream will do their best to take over your schedule. But with a good, solid plan, you will have just enough relaxation time and be refreshed to keep planning!

Don’t be afraid to make a schedule just dedicated to time for you. you can even make this a part of your daily routine when you choose 30 minutes to an hour every day just for relaxation. You could also break this up into two 30-minute or even a 30-minute session and some shorter breaks.

Be as creative as you need to be about what type of relaxation you will have, such as a spa day, aromatherapy, exercise (yes, exercise can be very relaxing!), a concert, or something creative like painting. Trying a relaxing activity you are familiar with might be a good idea. Unless you are completely comfortable with trying something adventurous it might be better to try something you have done before to make sure it relaxes you rather than stressing you further.

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Make a Detailed Plan

Here are some of the most important elements of your wedding plan: A budget, your wedding party, events, guests, vows, and your vendors.

But here’s the thing about a detailed wedding plan that needs to be said. You don’t have to use every part of your plan throughout your wedding, but if something comes up that you need an answer about, you will want to be prepared. Example: how you rarely use the car manual?

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You might use it occasionally, but you won’t open your car manual every time you get in your car to figure out how to drive. That’s a similar plan you want for your wedding. You don’t need to reference your wedding plan every time you call a vendor or invite a guest, but if you have someone cancel at the last minute, in other words, have a flat tire, you will want a backup plan.

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Set Boundaries to Handle Wedding Stress

One of the most important things you can do during your wedding planning to handle wedding stress is to set healthy boundaries for yourself. Boundaries help to keep us from doing more than we should be doing. There is no more important time to master this skill than during your wedding planning process. So, what does it mean to set boundaries? It means you may not speak to as many people as you normally would, especially as you get closer to your wedding date. It means you are intentional about the projects you take on and how you spend your time.

The important thing to understand when setting boundaries is that those who may not hear from you as often or would like you to perform a task or be present at a function should understand why.

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Follow Through and Follow Up

Implement this plan into your planning to handle wedding stress and consider your stress level reduced.

The next step after getting your stress plan together is beginning your wedding planning. If you do these steps first, the rest of your wedding planning will go much better.

Now that you’ve made your plan to handle wedding planning stress, you will be prepared for your big day.

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