Wedding Reception Menu Options You Will Love

This list of wedding reception menu items is not a complete list of options. These ideas are meant to provide a few helpful ideas that will help to complete your menu if you are feeling stuck thinking of plated menu options for your wedding.


Polenta is a great wedding reception menu item because it is allergen-free for most people. This corn-based option could be a main entree item but would most likely be used as a side dish. Its ability to be customized to your preferences is another thing that makes it a great delicious option. You can always season it to your preferences and you can also put onions, peppers, mushrooms, or just about any vegetable or other item you prefer to make it your own.

For a wedding, you may want to trust the chef’s recommendation such as including a little onion and their seasoning choice. But you can’t go too wrong with this option, especially as a side dish. It will be a great compliment to any main dish you choose.


Another option that is similar to Polenta is risotto. This rice-based dish can be customized as well based on your guest’s dietary restrictions. You can make it with mushrooms, vegetables such as green beans, with or without butter and many other various options. Risotto can include a cheese option or not based on how you would like to accommodate guests. This creamy delight with no limit to the quality of taste with the right chef. Risotto can be made in just about any way you prefer and provide excellent taste. Check out this recipe Check out an excellent risotto recipe here.

Roasted Brussel Sprouts

If I’m being honest, this is a personal favorite. Roasted brussels sprouts can be customized with parmesan for example, the seasoning of your choice, salt, pepper, of course, the finest olive oil. Make them classic or extra crispy but you can’t really go wrong especially for vegetable lovers. Just make sure they’re not under or over cooked and your guests will be happy.


If you choose asparagus for your vegetable option, you will have many pleased guests. Asparagus is not just delicious and very healthy for you depending on how you choose to prepare it. If you choose to prepare it with olive oil you will satisfy your vegan guests as well as those who are not. But if you choose a butter-based option you will enjoy the flavor that comes from that choice too. Overall, asparagus is a popular option that your guests should enjoy.

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Wedding Reception Menu Options You Will Love 3 wedding reception menu

More Wedding Reception Menu Options

Herb Encrusted Glazed Salmon

This is another personal favorite If you have guests who eat seafood, another choice that’s sure to delight many of your attendees is an excellent choice.

Scalloped Potatoes

If you’ve ever been to a wedding there’s a decent chance that you’ve had some type of potatoes for your side dish. You may have even had scalloped potatoes. This is a great option for a wedding reception menu because you can make them really well and they


You’ll notice a pattern with some of the choices we’re offering. Many of them are allergen-free. Sorbet is a choice that you can’t go wrong with. It’s another option with high quality that most of your guests will be able to eat. You can offer various flavor options to give the experience of choosing what kind guests would like. And let’s be honest. Sorbet is downright tasty.

Sure, you could choose a traditional option like cheesecake, and you may also offer a piece of your wedding cake to guests. But sorbet is a more affordable, very delicious option that just about all of your guests will enjoy.

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