Wedistry for Wedding Parties. The Best Wedding Planning App for Your Wedding Party.

Wedistry for Wedding Parties is the best Wedding Planning app for your Wedding Parties. Organize your wedding events in just a few clicks. You will spend minutes, not hours, getting everyone on the same page.

wedistry for wedding parties
Wedistry for Wedding Parties. The Best Wedding Planning App for Your Wedding Party. 12 wedistry for wedding parties

Wedistry for Wedding Parties

The Wedistry App focuses on only the wedding party. This includes your bridesmaids, maid of honor, matron of honor, best man, groomsmen, and wedding officiant. We believe in the art of a stress-free wedding. We know that there will always be challenges, and that’s why we created Wedistry. We hope to cut down on the time you typically take to organize your wedding party events manually. Instead, spend a few minutes setting up your event dates, invite your wedding party members to their events, and keep everyone on the same page.

We also believe that you deserve to spend your wedding day enjoying time with your spouse-to-be, family, and friends. We took the time to think about most of the communication throughout your wedding events, from your wedding shower and dress fitting to your wedding ceremony and reception. The time that we took to think this through is to your advantage. Now you can enjoy these days like they were meant to be enjoyed.

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