Wedistry for Wedding Parties. The Best Wedding Planning App for Your Wedding Party.

Wedistry for Wedding Parties is the best Wedding Planning app for your Wedding Parties. Organize your wedding events in just a few clicks. You will spend minutes, not hours, getting everyone on the same page.

Stop organizing all of your wedding events separately. There are few things more stressful than having to text or e-mail each person in your wedding party individually about each detail of each event throughout your wedding. Instead, the Wedistry for Wedding Parties app allows you to set up your wedding event schedule in a few minutes and assign your wedding party to each event they will attend. That way, they can see their own customized view of the wedding that includes each event, such as the Wedding Shower, Dress Fitting, Bridesmaids’ Day, Guy Time, and Wedding Day Events.

We are confident that our app, supported by a blog with relevant and helpful wedding topics, will help you to be well-prepared for your wedding. Blog posts cover topics such as how to write your vows and, of course, destination wedding and honeymoon inspiration.

After you’ve set up your wedding party, you can also make real-time changes to your wedding that will reflect in each person’s Wedistry app—no need to notify everyone. The app will do that for you.

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Wedistry for Wedding Parties. The Best Wedding Planning App for Your Wedding Party. 24 wedding planning

Wedistry for Wedding Parties

The Wedistry App focuses on only the wedding party. This includes your bridesmaids, maid of honor, matron of honor, best man, groomsmen, and wedding officiant. We believe in the art of a stress-free wedding. We know that there will always be challenges, and that’s why we created Wedistry. We hope to reduce the time you typically take to organize your wedding party events manually. Instead, please spend a few minutes setting up your event dates, invite your wedding party members to their events, and keep everyone on the same page.

We also believe that you deserve to spend your wedding day enjoying time with your spouse-to-be, family, and friends. We took the time to think about most of the communication throughout your wedding events, from your wedding shower and dress fitting to your wedding ceremony and reception. The time that we took to think this through is to your advantage. Now you can enjoy these days like they were meant to be enjoyed.

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Wedistry for Wedding Parties. The Best Wedding Planning App for Your Wedding Party. 25 wedding planning

Reducing Your Wedding Planning Stress

To be clear, this Wedding App is meant to help you save time and money. We want to eliminate the hassle of wrangling your friends and wedding party members. And streamline the process so that you have more time to focus on enjoying your wedding planning process and spending time with your spouse-to-be. We believe that God sets aside this time to prepare and build your relationship with your spouse to prepare for marriage.

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Wedistry for Wedding Parties. The Best Wedding Planning App for Your Wedding Party. 26 wedding planning

Wedding Day Devotional

Before we go into the details of wedding planning, especially with your wedding planning, we should mention another aspect that we offer: devotional inspiration. Wedistry is a faith-based, Christian site that believes in the foundation of the Bible in terms of marriage principles and teachings that are a blessing to those who put their trust in them. For that reason, we offer devotionals for dating couples, engaged couples, and even devotionals for the day of your wedding.

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We also offer devotionals for married couples as well. The idea is that we believe that there is a special need for that faith foundation related to everything related to marriage. There are very specific and helpful concepts ready for us to implement into our lives to be blessed and in a wonderful relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

We sincerely hope that these devotionals and readings are a credit to your lives together and we are always open to feedback to improve these offerings to our readers. Don’t hesitate to let us know what aspects we are missing so that we can build on this offering.

Organizing Your Wedding Party

We aim to make your wedding party organizing a breeze and enjoyable. By inviting your wedding party members, such as your Maid of Honor and Best Man through Wedistry, you make it official, give them a solid form of invitation with a timestamp, and make it super easy for them to understand what’s happening in the wedding—no need to send 100 e-mails to let them know where and when to be. Add them to the events of your choice, and you’re done.

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Wedistry for Wedding Parties. The Best Wedding Planning App for Your Wedding Party. 27 wedding planning

Saving You Tons of Time

One of the main concepts of the Wedistry for Wedding Parties App is simple. You will not need to spend hours during your wedding party process texting or e-mailing every member to ensure they are where they should be during your wedding events. When this is done manually, it can be a big headache in your planning, and we’re here to let you know there’s a much better way to do this.

Give your wedding party guests minimal responsibility by helping them to see a customized view of their upcoming wedding events with detailed location information, who else will be attending the wedding party, and relevant information such as dress code, weather information, and how much cash to bring for example for guy time.

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Wedistry for Wedding Parties. The Best Wedding Planning App for Your Wedding Party. 28 wedding planning

Using the Wedistry App

The Wedistry for Wedistry Parties App is free on the Apple App Store. Download to get started. The App is integrated with Google, so you can invite your contacts associated with your Google e-mail. Start by inviting your spouse to be a co-admin for your wedding. Then, it couldn’t be more simple.

Create your wedding by selecting your wedding date. From there, add each event you want as a part of your wedding, such as the wedding shower, dress fitting, tux fitting, guy time, bridesmaids day, and the main events, such as the wedding ceremony and reception. All of these event types are integrated with the app, so you can select the events from the options and add the persons from your wedding party who would like to attend.

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Wedistry for Wedding Parties. The Best Wedding Planning App for Your Wedding Party. 29 wedding planning

Assigning Your Wedding Party

The great thing about the Wedistry for Wedding Party App is that we have taken the time to think through all of the main wedding roles that you might want, such as Maid of Honor, Matron of Honor, Best Man, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Ushers, Musicians, Wedding Officiants, and even some vendors such as Photographers and Wedding Planners.

By creating these roles, you can easily select the wedding role from a list and attach it to each wedding event rather than creating a separate invitation or profile every time you add someone to a wedding or event. This is one of the most convenient features of the app. We have thought through all the different combinations of invitation lists for each wedding event so you can quickly choose and assign each person to the events they will attend.

That way, you won’t have to worry about updating them on what they should or should not attend. For example, you would not invite the Best Man to the Dress Fitting. When you first set up your events, invite your bridesmaids to this event, and you won’t have to worry about it again. You can update the dress fitting event, and your bridesmaids will automatically be notified and see any changes in real-time in their customized app view.

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Wedistry for Wedding Parties. The Best Wedding Planning App for Your Wedding Party. 30 wedding planning

Creating Your Events

We’ve applied the same convenience to creating your wedding party as we have to create your events. We’ve considered all the event types you may want to include in your wedding. The wedding event is the cornerstone of the app. You can add the roles to the events once you take just a few minutes to create them to keep up with your list of wedding party attendees easily. You will love this feature. Because your wedding party will sign up with their personal e-mail and automatically be invited to your wedding, you can make minor updates to the wedding events to keep everyone literally on the same page.

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Wedistry for Wedding Parties. The Best Wedding Planning App for Your Wedding Party. 31 wedding planning

Up to Date Wedding Planning Topics

Finally, in addition to the Wedistry for Wedding Parties App, you can enjoy up-to-date blog posts on a varied of topics, such as how to deal with wedding planning stress, it is normal to be nervous on your wedding day, and more practical topics such as where do bridesmaids keep their phones on the wedding day and beautiful destination wedding locations to choose for your special day.

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Wedistry for Wedding Parties. The Best Wedding Planning App for Your Wedding Party. 32 wedding planning

The Wedistry Blog goes hand in hand with the Wedistry for Wedding Parties App to provide the best possible help keeping up with your wedding events and party. We add to the blog regularly to help you keep up with the most relevant topics possible.

More examples of topics include the best wedding registries and how to sign up for them, as well as fun topics like date night ideas in a city near you and one of our most popular posts about how to invite your family can attend your wedding with a special wedding visa. We’re also all ears, so please don’t hesitate to send topics you want us to address in a blog post.

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Wedistry for Wedding Parties. The Best Wedding Planning App for Your Wedding Party. 33 wedding planning

Wedding Registry Top Ideas

Wedistry aims to make buying and receiving gifts easier as well. Whether you’re attending a wedding and you would like to bring the best gift you can, or you are getting married, and you want to be sure to share the best list possible with your guests, we have excellent suggestions for you, from vacation destinations to everyday home appliances to gifts within a specific price range.

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Wedistry for Wedding Parties. The Best Wedding Planning App for Your Wedding Party. 34 wedding planning

Difference Is in The Details

We all know that wedding planning can be stressful. Well, typically, we would say that you need to pay attention to every little detail. Well, sure, that’s true when it comes to your wedding design; however, when it comes to keeping everyone up to date, you don’t want to be in every detail every minute of your wedding planning. This option will help to give you some much-needed and deserved distance from our wedding planning.

Everyone On The Same Page

Except for updates you make as a couple to your wedding schedule events, each wedding party member you’ve invited will be able to manage their wedding experience. This will help your wedding planning tremendously. This means that they can keep track of each event they’ve been invited to. No more asking another wedding party member, especially the couple, questions while working on essential tasks or bothering the wedding planner.

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With Wedistry for Wedding Parties, you can rest assured that everyone will be on the same page each day and each hour of all your wedding events. Of course, you will still have plenty to do. Still, after 13 years of officiating weddings, I realized that one of the most significant pain points was organizing the wedding party. This includes the officiating minister, bridesmaids, matron of honor, maid of honor, best man, groomsmen, and even those performing musical selections.

Doing The Hard Part For You

Wedistry for Wedding Parties takes care of this pain point so that you can spend more time and energy with your spouse-to-be and other important items like inviting guests, booking your venue, and managing your vendors.

Why Wedistry?

Well, I should explain how this whole idea came about. After nearly seven years of officiating weddings, it was time for me to get married. I met my lovely wife in 2016 and married in 2018. It wasn’t until I was engaged in 2017 that I realized that there wasn’t an app or a helpful way to keep track of my wedding party and all of the events that we would have leading up to the wedding. For example, for us, we had events in 2 different cities.

We had wedding ceremony events in one city, wedding showers in another, and Guy Time with the best men and groomsmen with the tux fitting in another city. Well, while conversing with a good friend, we realized there was an opportunity to create something like Wedistry and hopefully save people a lot of stress, time, and money.

Wedding Day Support

The blog topics covered by the Wedistry for Wedding Parties Blog are meant to be practical, every day topics that you may want answers to. They may even be questions you didn’t encounter during your wedding planning, but instead, you thought of this question on your wedding day or at your wedding event and need a quick answer. Bog article topics such as where bridesmaids keep their phones, who says with the bride the night before the wedding, and how hot is too hot for an outdoor wedding are the types of questions that we answer in our articles.

If you have any questions that you are wondering the answer to, please don’t hesitate to reach out, and we will be glad to cover those topics as well.

Date Night Ideas

Another practical piece we offer at Wedistry for Wedding Parties is Date Night ideas for you and your spouse or spouse-to-be. We know that thinking of new and exciting date ideas can be difficult. Our blog includes cities with specific date night spots that you may enjoy. But if we haven’t gotten to your city just yet, we hope you will find plenty of inspiration for the types of date nights you can host in our city.

You will find articles that cover date nights out in the city and posts about how to have a fun date night at home. Check back often because you never know when we can share a few fun and exciting date nights in your hometown!

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