Best destination wedding locations for 2023

Planning your wedding? We have the best destination wedding locations. What could be more exciting yet nerve-wracking? Your wedding day is an amazing moment, one uniting you and that special person you want to spend the rest of your life with. And having a destination wedding is one way to make this remarkable ceremony even more fantastic.

But you’re here because you’re probably at a loss for which destination to use. The truth is, there are so many amazing destination wedding locations, so we bring you the best out of the lot. And we’ll tell you why they’re on the list.

So… Let’s go. Here are the top destination wedding locations for 2023.

1. Best Destination Wedding Locations: Cancun

Whether you’re looking for a sensational beach ceremony or a fairytale ballroom event, Cancun is the ultimate destination wedding location.

Well known for its glamorous beaches and numerous resorts, Cancun is a Mexican city on the Yucatan Peninsula bordering the Caribbean Sea. Imagine having the ruins of the ancient Mayan empire as your wedding backdrop.

You’ll find a wide array of 5-star resorts offering all-inclusive wedding packages (think venue, food & drinks, reception, etc., all prepared for you), so planning your big day shouldn’t be a headache.

Remember that the cost will vary depending on the number of guests and how elaborate you want the ceremony. Cancun is in Mexico, so getting to it from the United States wouldn’t hassle you and your guests.

The best season for a destination wedding in Cancun is late October to early December. This is when the beach landscapes (seascapes) are perfect. Plus, it’s the off-season, so you can enjoy the beach.

2. The Bahamas

The 700 Islands of The Bahamas offer the perfect setting for your wedding event, from enchanting sand beaches and lush tropical gardens to sensation havens.

Whether you desire complete privacy by renting your island or hosting your numerous loved ones at a mega-resort, everything is attainable in this location. There are activity-packed destinations and more remote ones, but the beauty of the seascapes and locale makes every view one to remember.

Destination wedding ceremonies are affordable on these islands, so you can’t go wrong. It’s an easy excuse for you and your guests to spend a few extra days getting that long-deserved vacation.

April and May are the most popular periods for destination weddings in the Bahamas.

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3. Paris

If you always figured Paris would be on this list, you couldn’t be more right. Paris is the City of Love, so what better location for a destination wedding?

Come away to the wondrous city of Paris for a true urban destination wedding, with the Eiffel Tower as your backdrop. Don’t want to use the Eiffel? You’ll find a plethora of even more picturesque locations!

The best time for a destination wedding in Paris is in May and September when the weather tends to be the best. You wouldn’t go wrong with April or October as well. But if you’re having an indoor wedding in a Parisian palace, any time is perfect!

4. Mexico Pacific Coast

Decorated with beautiful beaches and visually striking deserts, the Mexico Pacific is one of the best destination wedding locations for 2022. This breathtaking region stretching along the coast of Western Mexico offers contemporary luxury and tropical splendor.

You, your partner, and your guests can all relish the feel of the golden beaches and rugged cliffs under the sun’s warmth deep into the night. The nightlife scene is always ready to please.

As the perfect getaway, this location can make you swear never to leave.

The beautiful tropical winter makes December to April a good time for a destination wedding on Mexico’s Pacific Coast.

5. Thailand

best destination wedding locations
Best destination wedding locations for 2023 3 Best destination wedding locations

Next on our list is Thailand.

A foreign and sunny location like Thailand is the perfect wedding destination. This place has stunning views, unusual cultures, and alluring beaches.

Head on to Thailand’s largest island, Phuket, to get one of the best locations for your wedding event. The sunsets are just so breathtaking. On the mainland, plush jungles and colorful temples make a picturesque backdrop.

If you journey to a place this far, you don’t want to leave so early, so why not also enjoy your honeymoon here?

November to May is a great time for a destination wedding in Thailand, as the weather is perfect then.

6. Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is an excellent destination wedding location for couples looking for a mix of beach and city life. Breathtaking beaches and boisterous towns characterize this Mexican city, so you’ll always find the perfect venue, no matter your needs.

Weddings in Puerto Vallarta are affordable due to the lower cost of living, and you can always get an all-inclusive package in most venues. You could try the Hilton Puerto Vallarta to save some more bucks.

Mid-October to the end of May presents fine weather in Puerto Vallarta, making it the perfect time for a destination wedding.

7. Dreams Macao Beach

Located in The Dominican Republic, Dreams Macao Beach Punta Cana sits on one of the Caribbean’s top beaches. It’s hard to tell night from day here as the resort has no shortage of fun activities round-the-clock.

This destination wedding venue offers you and your guests luxurious villas and four swimming pools to relax after the ceremony. And the seascape stretching out into the horizon makes a magnificent backdrop any couple would surely relish for years.

The Dominican Republic is one of the most affordable destination weddings in the Caribbean, making Dreams Macao Beach perfect if budget-conscious.

The best time to have a destination wedding in Dreams Macao Beach Punta Cana is spring, from late February to early June. Expect the least beach showers and excellent warm weather.

8. St. Thomas and St. John, US Virgin Islands

Alongside Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands is regarded as one of the most hitch-free places to have a Caribbean destination wedding.

Your guests would not only have a wedding to attend but a perfect getaway. So spend a few days snorkeling and visiting the national parks plenteous in St. John. Or if you prefer hosting your wedding in St. Thomas, you don’t want to miss the historical sites of Fort Christian and enjoy some duty-free shopping.

The best time for a destination wedding in the US Virgin Islands is April through June when showers are mild and sunshine ample.

9. Miami, Florida

Florida is an excellent choice if you desire a destination wedding closer to home. The sunny weather is one thing, but there’s more to this beach-bordered state than the climate.

This state has a limitless variety of locations, whether you need a picturesque beachfront ceremony, a rustic setting, or a city landscape.

Since Miami, Florida, is an international hub, sitting your wedding here would mean the wedding caterers would cover your guests’ taste preferences.

The summer months are beautiful and less expensive (quite hot, too!), but December through April would offer you the quintessential Florida grandeur. Just ensure you keep off the hurricane season.

So, there you have it! The top 9 destination wedding locations in the world in 2022. So, if you’ve been unsure where to have your wedding, we hope this article clarifies.

Remember, your wedding might be an event of a lifetime, so you want to make sure it counts!

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