wedding prep for christian couples

Wedding Prep for Christian Couples

Wedding Prep for Christian Couples

Your wedding preparation in getting married could not be more important. The steps you take will be the foundation for your wedding process and your lifetime in marriage. Although these steps are of utmost importance, a clear plan and putting God first in your planning will go so far.

wedding prep for christian couples

The best thing about these action items is that they are evergreen. You can continue to do these action steps throughout your marriage.

Reducing Stress While Planning

Our genuine aim is that this post will help reduce the stress of wedding planning and preparation. In fact, that is the purpose of Wedistry!

Therefore, you will only need this article if you are getting married however the action steps that I recommend here are not only helpful for engaged couples but for married couples as well. For example, it always helps to speak with someone who has experience in the area you are entering. More on this later.

Helpful Steps

The best news is that there is very little to no chance that any of these steps will actually harm your relationship. Getting prepared, especially when you keep true to your faith practice is always helpful in some form or another.

wedding prep for christian couples

Action Steps: Getting Married

  1. Schedule counseling with your officiant (this is a 2 in 1)
  2. Start writing your vows together
  3. Meet with a married couple that you respect and interview them. Here are the questions to ask them:

-What are your daily and weekly spiritual practices that have helped to sustain your marriage?

-After 1 year what did you learn most? 5 years? (Feel free to meet with as many couples as you like but one couple should be married for at least 5 years.

4. Meet with a financial planner

-This is also a good opportunity to discuss your future planning that includes retirement preparation, family planning, and writing your will.

Have a fun date

Date Night

First, check this post about fun date night ideas! You can always find something new and exciting in your own backyard. It just takes some planning, a little research, and creativity.

  • Make sure that the stresses of preparing for your wedding don’t eclipse your actual marriage preparation. This includes having fun with one another. Enjoy a date that you will not be able to do later. This is different than having a fun date in your own hometown. If possible do something that you know for sure that you won’t be able to do later such as traveling overseas, something adventurous, hiking, skiing, or a cross country trip.

We hope you enjoy taking these steps with your loved one!

The best thing about these action items is that they are evergreen. You can continue to do these action steps throughout your marriage.

Finally, the next step is to take the next step. We would recommend scheduling your officiant and counseling first because this step depends on someone else’s schedule.

Thank you for reading this blog post. I hope it was helpful to you!



































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