Devotional for the Groom

The devotional for the groom has the power to be very helpful in the wedding experience. The groom has a call to be present and leads extraordinarily. To avail himself of the word of God in preparation for marriage is a sacred act. This devotional focuses on the wedding day, but its purpose is to lay a foundation to sustain the wedding and the marriage.

devotional for the groom
Devotional for the Groom 2 devotional for the groom

Why a devotional for the groom?

The Scriptures offer much guidance to the groom in preparation for marriage. Also, Scripture uses the institution of marriage as an example of the relationship between Christ and the church. They explain, for instance, that the groom should love his wife as Christ loves the church in Ephesians 5:25. This passage concludes by reminding the reader that Christ gave himself up for the church.

This is an example of how the groom should love the bride. By giving himself up, he will make intentional sacrifices for the bride. This passage helps set the tone for one important aspect of marriage: putting the other person first. But in terms of the groom, the expectation is to be the same in some ways. Both the bride and groom are called to love one another.

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So what’s different about how the groom should love the bride? The love from the groom follows the example of how Christ loves the church. There is much that could be said about this passage but one point that stands out is that Christ is able to love in a way that only he can love the church. This is because only he could offer up the sacrifice that he did by giving his own life.

The amazing thing about this scripture and this comparison to the husband are that the husband is not able to give the sacrifice that Christ did. This makes it all the more powerful of an example because it is really astounding that we are able to compare the husband to Christ at all. The husband does not have the ability to sacrifice as Christ does. He is not divine like Christ is. He is not perfect like Christ is. But he is in a loving, covenant relationship.

The groom is blessed with the privilege to demonstrate the same kind of love that Christ shares with us with the bride. This passage suggests that for the groom to be able to do anything at all he must receive strength from Christ. How else would he be willing to do anything that Christ is doing except that he be invited by Christ and welcomed into this role as a groom and husband?

God supports the groom. He relates to the groom and what he is doing. This is what encourages the groom to love and be loved in his marriage. Because Christ has set the example and because he is compassionate towards us we can be good grooms and husbands.

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