4 Essential Wedding Day Devotional Ideas

This post is for engaged Christian couples looking for a wedding day devotional to do with their spouse leading up to their wedding day.

By the end of this post, you will have ideas for devotionals with your spouse-to-be.

The challenge is not with finding a devotional There are so many amazing options out there to choose from. But there is a challenge with finding a devotional that is specifically for the days leading up to and specifically for your wedding day. This is important because if you have ever been a part of a wedding or have been married you know just how important those few days are. The stress level reaches its highest levels and it’s important to be as spiritually grounded as possible. Putting God first especially in these days leading up to your ceremony.

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As we covered in other articles, wedding preparation can be one of the most stressful times in your life. You can’t be over-prepared for this moment when it comes to your mental and spiritual health. Spending devotional time with your spouse leading up to and even on your wedding day is one way to tremendously reduce your stress level, learn more about one another, set the foundation for your life together, and most importantly honor God.

I can share from personal experience that prayer and devotional life especially in the season of being engaged can be unpredictably rewarding. Not just in tangible ways but in the quality of conversations, the awareness in your relationship, and the presence of principles, goals, and healthy aspirations for your future marriage.

Developing a sense of trust and communication is essential in a relationship. Developing your devotional life is one way to accomplish this.

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List of Wedding Day Devotional Ideas

Reduce Your Stress Level

A few reasons that a devotional will help to reduce stress is that it helps to anticipate some of the moments that you will face during your wedding planning. A devotional does the following: reminds us of our purpose in Christ the reasons we are getting married and the reasons we are getting married to this person. This is according to Scripture and not just our own opinion of what a marriage should be. When we depend on the Word of God for input on the direction of our lives it helps us to see that everything is not up to us alone. Again, this is a helpful stress reducer.

Learn More About One Another

When we spend intentional time with our future spouse we are guaranteed to learn something we didn’t know about them before. That’s because God reveals things through His word that we don’t learn otherwise. This applies to our relationships and friendships as well. When you discuss a Scripture, especially one that is related to marriage, you will be amazed at the things you learn about your spouse. As long as you agree and do this devotional with purpose those things that you learn will help build up one another and your marriage. Your wedding day devotional will be a part of laying your foundation as a couple.

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Lay Your Foundation

What does it mean to lay your foundation as a couple? It means to as the book of Mark says in chapter 7, verse 24, to “build his house on a rock.” The rock is Chris and any time we do anything built on Christ that thing will succeed. That applies to marriage and preparing for marriage. When we are careful in how we speak to one another, when we listen to one another and support one another we are setting ourselves up for a successful relationship.

Honoring God

Putting God first in all that we do is what we are called to do as believers. We are called to love God with all of our heart, mind, soul, and strength. What we sometimes don’t realize is that this is a blueprint for love that we can apply to our interpersonal relationships, even marriage. Imagine how much better our relationships are when we care for our spouse’s heart.

Imagine how much better our conversations are when we are considerate of our spouse’s mind. Imagine how connected we feel when we care for one another’s souls. Imagine how much better our households will be when we cannot only be strong for and with one another but also as vulnerable as we need to be. Your wedding day devotional will be best when it includes all of these elements that represent God’s design for love.

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Keep in mind this post is not meant to be a devotional but offers ideas to consider when looking for a devotional. Check back for wedding day devotionals as well.

Also, we always recommend youversion.com.

Now get ready for a less stressful season of wedding planning.

Next, find a great place to have your devotionals together. The idea is to establish a habit that you will continue throughout your marriage.

What are you most looking for when you share your devotional with your spouse-to-be?

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