3 Affordable Oval-Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

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Are you looking for the perfect oval-cut engagement ring to show your partner how much you love them? An oval-cut diamond is a stunning and unique choice that will make your special someone feel extra special. But, with so many options out there, it can be hard to find an affordable option.

Don’t worry! We’ve rounded up three of the best oval-cut diamond engagement rings that won’t break the bank. Keep reading to find out more!

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Why are oval-cut diamond engagement rings so popular?

Oval-cut diamond engagement rings are popular because of their unique color, shape, and sparkle. The oval cut is a modified brilliant cut, meaning it has more facets than a traditional round brilliant cut. This allows for more light to be reflected off the diamond, creating an impressive sparkle that will make your partner’s eyes light up. And because of the elongated shapes, they appear to be larger face-up than round diamonds and make your fingers look slender and slimmer. And that is the secret to its popularity.

What to look for in an oval cut ring?

When shopping for an oval-cut diamond engagement ring, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, consider the size of the diamond. Oval-cut diamonds tend to look larger than round diamonds due to their elongated shape, so you may want to opt for a slightly smaller carat weight if you’re looking for something more affordable.

Next, know that most oval diamonds will have a bowtie effect. If the diamond has a large bowtie, it is most likely been cut badly. What you should look for is the perfect bowtie mesh that enhances the diamond’s sparkle and brilliance. It’s worth mentioning that the best oval diamond rings have minimal bowtie and maximum brilliance. In short, look for something that has a mild bowtie effect. To make sure the oval is beautiful, diamond cutters try to avoid a dark, overpowering or prominent bowtie effect. Many people believe a slight bowtie enhances the uniqueness and distinction of a diamond. 

3 Best Oval-Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Now that you know what to look for, here’s our pick of the 3 best oval-cut stones for your engagement. 

Here are a few from Etsy for every budget. The diamond engagement ring is still the standard preference for many. Note that we have one particular kind of diamond engagement ring, the oval-cut diamond engagement ring, with a few options for the moissanite ring.

Hopefully, you will find an option that fits your budget. We have included options from the $100 range to the $10,000 range in this post. Enjoy!

1. Oval Engagement Ring High-Quality Wedding Ring Set 

Untitled design 2022 01 04T222301.951 diamond engagement rings

This stunning oval engagement ring is the perfect way to show your love and commitment. Crafted from sterling silver, rhodium, and rose gold, this ring features a high-quality diamond simulant that sparkles like the real thing. The nickel-free design ensures it won’t cause any skin irritation or discoloration. This beautiful ring is sure to be cherished for years to come!

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2. Moissanite Oval Forever Engagement Ring

2.00cts Moissanite Oval Forever Engagement Ring Oval 9x7mm image 1

This stunning 2.00cts Moissanite Oval Forever Engagement Ring displays your love and commitment in the most beautiful way. Crafted from 14k gold, this ring features a high-quality moissanite center stone that sparkles like the real thing. The ethically sourced diamonds add extra sparkle and brilliance to the ring, making it truly unique. This beautiful ring is sure to be cherished for years to come!

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3. Halo Diamond Engagement Ring 4Ct Crushed ice Oval 12*8mm

Oval Cut Engagement Ring 4Ct Crushed ice Oval 128mm image 1

This stunning halo diamond engagement ring is the perfect symbol of your love for your other half. Crafted from gold, platinum, rose gold, or white gold, this ring features a 4ct crushed ice oval diamond center stone that sparkles like the real thing. The ethically sourced diamonds add extra sparkle and brilliance to the ring, making it truly unique. This beautiful ring is sure to be cherished for years to come! With its minimalist style and personalized engraving options, this handmade piece of jewelry is sure to make your special day even more memorable.

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Your affordable diamond wedding band does not have to be difficult to find. This article includes some excellent choices for you if you have already been searching for high-end alternatives that do not cost an arm and a leg. Of course, you do not want to provide something that is not top-notch, but a good combination between that excellence and affordable price can be tough to discover. This article intends to share only a few excellent options for wedding ring designs with which we believe you will be happy.

Some of our other favorites that you may like

Oval White Sapphire Engagement Ring

You can also find stunning white alternatives to natural diamonds in the shapes of oval moissanite, oval white sapphire, and oval lab diamonds.

When it comes to finding an affordable oval-cut diamond engagement ring, there are many options available. Natural diamonds can be expensive, but you can find stunning alternatives in the shapes of oval moissanite, oval white sapphire, and oval lab diamonds.

Oval moissanite is a lab-created gemstone that has the same brilliance and sparkle as a natural diamond, but at a fraction of the cost. Oval white sapphire is a beautiful and affordable alternative to diamonds, with its bright white hue and excellent clarity. Oval lab diamonds are also an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable diamond engagement ring. Lab diamonds are created in a laboratory and have the same physical properties as natural diamonds but at a much lower price point.

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Benefits of choosing an oval diamond ring

Oval-cut diamond engagement rings are a popular choice for couples looking for a timeless and classic look. This fancy-cut diamond is flattering on all finger shapes, and the elongated shape can make your diamond appear larger than it actually is. Oval diamonds also have a unique sparkle that is sure to make your ring stand out. Additionally, since oval diamonds lack sharp corners, they are less likely to be chipped when compared to other shapes.

An oval-shaped diamond engagement ring is an eternal symbol of love, no matter which option you choose.

Cons of oval diamond rings

Like pear-cut diamonds, ovals and other fancy shapes are prone to having dark areas where the diamond’s color is more noticeable. What are the best ways to prevent this? Investing in a better grade of color is one option.

Summing up

Affordable diamond engagement rings don’t have to be hard to find. With the right research, you can find a stunning oval-cut diamond engagement ring that is both beautiful and affordable. Whether you choose a natural diamond, moissanite, white sapphire, or lab diamond, your perfect engagement ring will be sure to sparkle for years to come.


What are oval-cut diamonds?

An oval diamond belongs to the brilliant cut diamond family, which is specially designed to give off a lot of fire and sparkle. For centuries, diamonds have been cut into an oval shape, but it wasn’t until the 60’s that the modern oval cut became popular.

How to find the best cut for my diamond engagement ring?

Skilled diamond experts can identify the perfect cut of diamond ring based on your budget and personal preferences. It is important to consider the shape, size, and quality of the diamond when selecting a ring.

What is a moval-shaped diamond?

A moval-shaped diamond is a unique and modern variation of the traditional oval cut. It combines the classic oval shape with a marquise cut, creating an elongated diamond with pointed ends. The moval shape has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its unique look and sparkle. This cut is perfect for those looking for something different from the traditional round or princess cuts. 

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