4 Save The Date On Facebook Ideas

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“Save the Dates” are one of the first steps of announcing your marriage to that outside, close the bridal party and close friends. In this blog post, we will discuss some Save The Date On Facebook Ideas, and the steps you should take to get your Save the Date out to your guests!

Save the date on Facebook Ideas

Save the Dates are the official announcement of your wedding day to all your guests. By the time you are ready to share your wedding date with your guests, you have likely already shared your wedding plans with your wedding party, close friends, and family, but now this is the official announcement for all who will attend. Although some will not prefer to go with Save the Date on Facebook ideas and will opt for traditional mail Save the Dates, Facebook is very convenient because most, if not all, of your guest lists, will already be on Facebook and ready to receive your Save the Date at a moment’s notice.

Create Your Invite List First

Before you take to Facebook to start informing your guests about your wedding date, you want to check a few items off your list. First, you want to be sure that your list is final. Don’t just create your wedding guest list but create it and take some time so that you remember as many people as possible. My recommendation is to create your list separate from Facebook. This way, you will think of people who may not be on Facebook or who may not be your friend and the time. Use Facebook as a tool to find and notify your guests, not the main way of creating your list.

Take your time. It’s better to be prepared and think about your guest list than need to update or correct it later. The good thing about using Facebook is that you can always add someone to your event group later.

Take Your Save The Date Photos

After completing your list, you will want to be sure that you are happy with your save-the-date photos. Because you are announcing your wedding date on Facebook, you have options for how you want to present your photos, but whether you post a digital version of your Save the Date or a post or thread with your Save the Date images, you will want to have plenty of photos to choose from.

save the date on facebook ideas
4 Save The Date On Facebook Ideas 2 save the date on facebook ideas

Find Your Save The Date Design

After your photos are complete, you can find your design. If you are using Facebook because it’s more convenient to contact your list of guests who are already accessible, you will still want to take the time to find a professional design. We would recommend Canva. They are doing some great things with their designs and templates. If you want a professional design, you can always hire someone on Fiverr to do a design for you at a reasonable price point. Shutterfly is also a good choice for designs.

Create a Private Facebook Event

Now that you have your guest list finished and your designs and photos are selected, you will want to create a private group on Facebook to share your Save the Date information. This is one of the quickest, most cost-effective, ways to share your wedding date with as many people as possible. But you don’t want to replace your wedding website or app with this Facebook page.

Invite Your Guests!

That’s it! You’re all ready with your Save the Date on Facebook Ideas. The great thing about Facebook is it’s super easy to invite guests to your private group. But I would still have fun with the process. Don’t just invite them with the Save the Date already visible. Post the Save the Date after everyone is invited to the group to give it a sense of anticipation. You could also do a virtual video reveal of your wedding date that your guests can watch on their own time. That way, some will be able to see you reveal the date live, and others will be able to enjoy the replay.

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