Do You Keep Wedding Cards? 3 Helpful Suggestions for You

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Your wedding is over. You can breathe again! You’re as happy as you can be. The gifts are all open. Now you have a question. Do you keep wedding cards?

How Long Do You Keep Wedding Cards Up For?

The first question is how long you initially keep up your wedding cards. Even if you are not going to keep them forever you want to enjoy them and display them in your home to remember your most special occassion. You have placed them on your mantle. They are on your kitchen counter and maybe even displayed in your kitchen and living room for guests to see.

Keep your wedding cards up for as long as you like. That’s the answer. Don’t let anyone tell you that there is a time limit for displaying your wedding cards because you will want to remember your wedding moments for the rest of your life. Take as much time as you need to see them displayed in your home every day and then think about some new ways to repurpose them!

do you keep wedding cards
Do You Keep Wedding Cards? 3 Helpful Suggestions for You 5 do you keep wedding cards

How To Keep Wedding Cards

Don’t worry, you don’t have to toss your wedding cards in the trash! You also don’t have to store them in a box where they will collect dust. Instead, think of these memory bundles as going through phases. Who says that you ever have to get rid of them. Find a way that they don’t need to take up more space than you would like with ideas like this that we love:

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One idea is creating a wedding card book.

Unlike other greeting cards you receive, your wedding cards are meant to remember a moment for a lifetime. A wedding card book will accomplish the goal of keeping your wedding cards well preserved and readily accessible to stroll down memory lane. Your wedding card bok can be stored with your wedding photo book and your keepsakes.

Remember, you can always use the wedding cards with other items as well. For example, the following photo could also include a photo from your wedding. This is just an example but you can always use these items in conjunction to give them new life.

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Do You Keep Wedding Cards? 3 Helpful Suggestions for You 6 do you keep wedding cards

Another idea is to make your wedding cards into a piece of art.

cards 6 do you keep wedding cards
Do You Keep Wedding Cards? 3 Helpful Suggestions for You 7 do you keep wedding cards

Or you can use your cards to create something new!

What To Do With Wedding Cards

You can do whatever you like with you wedding cards. Our recommendation is to keep them for as long as you can. The messages that you will receive on your wedding day will be truly heartfelt and people will take time to think about their very special notes to you. You will be surprised how this makes you feel after a year or reading your cards again on your anniversaries in the future.

What To Do with Old Wedding Cards

First keep your wedding cards on display as long as you like. Then think about making them in to a piece of art by framing them, into a memory book by getting them bound, or by repurposing them into an object that you will remember and keep on display.

Card Keepskake Ideas

These are just a few ideas that we hope help with your decision whether to keep your wedding cards and for how long. We don’t want you to stress over this. That’s our whole mission at Wedistry, to keep your stress level low while you are wedding planning and into your marriage. The great thing about wedding cards is that you can reporupose them multiple times if you need to.

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