8 Superb Atlanta Restaurants We’ve Visited So Far

This post is for those looking for superb Atlanta restaurants. This is not a definitive list. These are just the favorites that we’ve made it to so far.

Superb Atlanta Restaurants List

Antico is reigning as our favorite pizza shop currently. Also, the environment is excellent for the whole family. My wife and I have visited several times, once for a birthday party, and each time someone is celebrating as well. The enjoyable atmosphere expands beyond the restaurant itself. The location closest to where we live is the Battery location at Truist Park.

superb atlanta restaurants
8 Superb Atlanta Restaurants We’ve Visited So Far 5 superb atlanta restaurants

Once you are finished eating you can take a walk around and enjoy one of the most fun and family-friendly locations in Atlanta. It doesn’t have to be on a day when the Braves are playing. Visiting Antico and the Battery can sometimes be better on days when there’s no game. If the weather is nice, there will still be traffic but not as much as on the game day. You can’t miss it by planning an outing at Antico. Their pizza is consistently phenomenal, and you will not be disappointed.

superb atlanta restaurants
8 Superb Atlanta Restaurants We’ve Visited So Far 6 superb atlanta restaurants

Canoe has become a unique event location for my wife and me. We visited on the date of our engagement and our first anniversary. The atmosphere and setting are just as impressive as the menu. The first time we sat in the rear with large windows facing the gorgeous walkable creek area behind the restaurant.

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The 2nd visit was later in the evening, and the ambiance was relaxing yet lively. The food each time surpassed our expectations. As a new vegetarian, I was pleasantly surprised at the number of options. My wife took advantage of the robust seafood options as any intelligent person would. This will continue to be our particular event spot every chance we get.

Endive is the catering that my wife and I chose for our wedding. This photo is from our tasting session. We can’t recommend this catering company/restaurant enough. If the photo doesn’t do the food justice, I can tell you with certainty that this option leaves nothing to be desired. They were amazingly flexible and fit our dietary preferences and our guest list perfectly.

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They were terrific to work with and always made a way to provide substitutions even at the last minute. My recommendation is to visit the restaurant as that will give you a true-to-form representation of what your catering will be like. The atmosphere is as superb as the food. For catering, this company manages to bring this same ambiance to your event as well.

superb atlanta restaurants
8 Superb Atlanta Restaurants We’ve Visited So Far 7 superb atlanta restaurants

Home Grown won me over right away. This breakfast and brunch spot is everything you want out of the favorite breakfast restaurant from your hometown. Located in Grant Park, this popular destination is not just sought after by those in Grant Park. People come from all over Atlanta to enjoy familiar favorites. Be sure to get there early unless you will be waiting!

Ponce City Market just might be one of the complete date night choices in Atlanta. This location has several of our favorite restaurants including Breza, closed as of this article’s publishing, Pizza Jeans, and the ever-popular King of Pops. But restaurants are just the beginning. There is a surprising number of retail shops to enjoy and on the rooftop, you can enjoy miniature golf and a complete midway. It’s something you just have to see for yourself.

superb atlanta restaurants
8 Superb Atlanta Restaurants We’ve Visited So Far 8 superb atlanta restaurants

When it comes to superb Atlanta restaurants, True Food Kitchen is our overall favorite. somehow True Food Kitchen offered a healthy menu with abundant variety and as much flavor as you can handle. Seasonal choices are always something to look forward to. If my wife and I have the choice of restaurants on any given weekend, this is where we both come home happy with our choice every time.

Another local favorite that earned a spot in our superb Atlanta restaurants is Valenza. This was our choice for Mother’s Day, and it was a perfect fit. We sat outside and enjoyed a beautiful brunch on the back patio. The garden provides just enough privacy, and the atmosphere extends outdoors to provide a genuinely authentic and stress-reducing experience.

Venkman’s is a restaurant that unfortunately closed due to Covid, it’s such a favorite of ours that we are still listing it because we want them to reopen. The food here is out of this world in terms of exquisite afternoon lunch fare. Something on the menu will jump off the page and get your attention. Venkman’s offered some of the best brunches around. Let’s just hope that they open back up soon.

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