6 Best Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas to Dazzle your Spouse

Wedding anniversary gift ideas are easy to think of until it’s time for you to choose a gift for your spouse. If you are celebrating a wedding anniversary, here is where you can find ideas for your big day!

Choose the perfect events, outings, and gifts based on ideas from some of our favorite wedding experts.

wedding anniversary gift

Get ready to completely dazzle your spouse. One of the best things that you can do to amaze and win your spouse over all over again is to do something that you have never done before. And even if you are the most romantic, thoughtful person there is always something that you can do that is brand new to your love. So start by thinking about the things that you have done in the past and cross them off your list. It’s time for some new ideas! Your loved one will definitely notice and appreciate your effort.

Getting Ready

Perhaps you have covered all the bases several times over to prepare for your wedding anniversary. Just remember the world is literally your oyster. It might take traveling to a new destination or trying something that is out of your comfort zone to really keep that spark.

Trust me, the effort will surely pay off. In my opinion, nothing really goes unnoticed in a relationship. That includes the wonderful effort you are about to make to show your spouse that you really appreciate them. For anyone who feels like you have done everything under the sun, we have a few ideas for you too. There are ways around avoiding what you have done before including creating something new. We will cover that in one of our following sections.

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Destination Vow Renewal

An excellent wedding anniversary gift idea is to take a trip together to renew your vows. This is a good one because for as many things you have done and places you have been there’s no way that anyone can travel the whole world. So, this is always going to be an option to keep things interesting as long as your budget allows of course. And Covid. Be sure to pay attention to your spouse’s favorite and least favorite destinations so that they will be equally surprised and grateful to visit your next location for your anniversary!

Stop by our Pinterest board for some great destination ideas for your vow renewal here:

wedding anniversary gift

Re-write Your Vows Together

A renewal of vows or a destination trip to celebrate your anniversary could be just what you need for your wedding anniversary gift. The great thing about making the trip intentionally for your anniversary is that will help you to remember the wonderful memories from the first time around.

And so, don’t hesitate to get started on celebrating your anniversary whether it’s finding the right gift or renewing your vows. Just remember not to over-commit. Take 2-3 items from our list above and put your efforts into them rather than trying to start from scratch.

Remember to Ask for Help

Don’t forget to ask for help if you need it. Reach out to some of the people who were at your wedding or friends who may know just the right gift for your wedding anniversary gift. This is not cheating! It just shows that you are putting forth the effort to make your anniversary another memorable one. The reason to reach out for help is so that you don’t rely on your own memory alone.

Sure, you remember the details of life with your love better than anyone but you might be surprised what they remember about the days when you were dating, some of the things that you told them about your budding romance at the time, and the impression that it left on your friends.

What About your Friends?

Also, your friends are just a great source of advice because they know you and your spouse. They are great sounding boards if nothing else just to hear your ideas. You may decide to update or upgrade some of your own ideas without any feedback but just by hearing what you tell them.

Creative Gifts

A wedding anniversary gift that you in some way created yourself or that comes from a very special part of your story will never be topped. Gifts are a wonderful way to show our appreciation and love however nothing that you put your own effort into making or that makes a reappearance from a previous chapter in your romantic story will always be a winner. This is another area to tap into your gifts and talents.

If you think about it hard enough you will find something that you can either create yourself or find and refurbish that your love will truly cherish. If you can sing, write a new song together. If you are a pro in the kitchen surprise your spouse with a special dish preferably that you have never made before. These are just a couple of examples but the idea is to put the effort into the gift yourself rather than it coming from another person.

wedding anniversary gift

Back to Where it all Started

This wedding anniversary gift idea is nostalgic. Think about when you met your love for the first time. If it’s possible this would be a great setting to go back and have a date. But if that’s not a possibility on your wedding anniversary you can always try to find a souvenir that will bring back all of those good memories.

Going Back in Time

If at all possible go back to where you had that first date, or where you got married, or even where you had your honeymoon or early vacations. Those are the special places that will bring back amazing memories that you will not be able to bring to the surface any other way. There’s just something special about visiting where you first fell in love.

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New Rings

Another way to make your wedding anniversary gift memorable and enjoyable is to get new rings. You can make this as fun as you like by surprising your spouse similar to when you first proposed. Or you can shop together to make sure that you are on the same page about what you want. This also helps you to have matching rings if that’s something that’s important to you.

Don’t just buy the ring even if you surprise your spouse. Make this into an event. Combine buying the rings with traveling to where you first met and renewing your vows for example to have the ultimate experience.

My wife and I absolutely loved our rings from brilliantearth.com. We think you will definitely like what you find there. You don’t have to be shopping for an engagement ring to find something that you will love for an anniversary gift.

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A Fresh Photoshoot

Finally, a way to celebrate your wedding anniversary with style and grace is to take new professional photos with your loved one. The beauty of new photos is that these photos will be specially taken to celebrate one another. Of course, to celebrate a wedding anniversary you can get as fancy as you possibly like because this is truly a reason to pull out all of the stops.

An alternative to a fresh photoshoot is to send your spouse a tribute! Use our partner at tribute.co to send a special greeting to your spouse!

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Some of our Favorites

Breathlessresorts.com http://breathlessresorts.com properties are always an excellent getaway choice.

My wife and I enjoyed using Shoott for our photos. With Shoott shoott.com you can find a local photographer to meet your schedule at an affordable price. There are also great locations to choose from that are known to photograph well.

This ring from http://etsy.com is a stylish and elegant choice. Dazzle your spouse with this stunning choice as the highlight of your anniversary celebration.

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How to Prepare for the Next Anniversary

The key to preparing for your anniversary is to take a piece from your last anniversary with you. If you can remember to keep an “anniversary box” this will help you next time and you won’t have to start over from scratch. That way when it’s time to start preparing you can remember all of the fun and amazing things that you have already done and think about new and exciting ideas!

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