Devotional for the Maid of Honor

You may need a devotional for the Maid of Honor because this is one of the essential roles in the wedding besides the bride and groom. The Maid of Honor may also want to be supported spiritually to support the bride.

Devotional for the Maid of Honor: Supporting the Bride

A wedding is a beautiful and wondrous experience. For Christians, the wedding is not just an idea created by people but also rooted in Scripture. The tradition of marriage has been around for centuries, but in the bible, God makes it clear that this concept is directly connected to Christ. So, the strength of this tradition receives its credibility from our Creator. This means that the wedding event and those supporting the bride and groom are responsible.

God claims the tradition of marriage in Scripture. However, we created the role of Maid of Honor. The Maid of Honor is a member of the wedding party who primarily supports the bride in any of her needs throughout the wedding events.

She will assist with planning items on the to-do list, like shopping for a dress or wedding dress ideas, assisting with venue selection, vendors, and other important decisions that are a part of the wedding.

devotional for the maid of honor

For this reason, the Maid of Honor may consider being grounded spiritually through devotion. To support someone wholeheartedly means serving them in any area that you find mutually beneficial. To be a Maid of Honor means that the bride entrusts you to care for what she would normally do.

But because the bride focuses on preparing to be married, this is the next closest person to her task. This is a spiritual practice because supporting and encouraging our friends is a core practice of the Faith. This role may mean supporting in roles we were unprepared for, but the role is more important than any task present.

Remember that this experience is from God to glorify Him. The wedding symbolizes faithfulness, with Christ being the centerpiece in Scripture. The Bible reminds us that the church is the bride of Christ. This teaching makes marriage relevant, as well as those who support a marriage grounded in the Spirit. We are just there to do our best to represent God well.


Loving God, support me while I support my friend preparing to be married. Please give me the wisdom to know when to offer help and suggestions. I pray that we maintain a healthy relationship throughout all wedding events and that I can help her enjoy the wedding planning process as much as possible. Please help me understand anything I can do better to support her throughout the wedding.

Praying for My Friend

One of the best things the Maid of Honor can do to support the bride is to pray for her. This is not something that needs to be announced. The great thing about prayer is that it’s between you and God. You might want to mention that you pray for the bride to encourage her. You may also pray together on occasion.

But it’s very special when you pray for certain areas so the bride feels supported. Yes, pray specifically so that your faith will be increased and you will be confident that you are supporting the bride through prayer in the best ways.

Prayer for the things that matter most

Oh God, thank you for giving me a precious friend. As she prepares to be married, help me pray for the things that matter most, not the things that seem best to pray for. We pray that your Spirit is present throughout this wedding. And help me to pray for my friend, the bride-to-be, in any helpful way and serve your purpose in this wedding and marriage.

Thank you for sharing your peace with us so we can share it. And be there for us when we don’t know the right words to pray, that you share those words with us as well.

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