What’s In for 2024 Weddings? And What’s Out?

What’s in for 2024 weddings? We’ll get right to the point. Travel and destination weddings are set to boom in 2024. The formidable trend of using hashtags is on its way out.

What’s Out for 2024 Weddings?

One of our favorite and beloved practices for wedding planning, especially when it comes to social media, is slowly coming to a sputter. It’s not gone, nor will it likely ever be completely. It’s not necessarily a bad idea or a bad practice. But the novelty and the use are slowly dying after several years of being the gold standard. What is that practice? You guessed it, wedding hashtags.

Many are still using this popular feature; however, it’s not nearly as widespread as it was even 2 years ago. For a while, it seemed that anyone with social media getting married was also using a unique wedding hashtag that cleverly expressed the couple’s personality. Wedding hashtags were used to display a couple’s sense of humor and romantic side, and it was also a party starter.

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What's In for 2024 Weddings? And What's Out? 3 2024 weddings

What We Loved About The Wedding Hashtag

One of the best features of the wedding hashtag is that the more unique it is, the more it can easily be used to identify wedding photos on social media. For example, if you search for a wedding hashtag on Instagram, if no one else used that hashtag, it would display all of the photos that used it if no one else used it. Although it was very common for several couples to use the same hashtag, especially more obvious ones that included a common name, it was surprisingly possible to use a hashtag that was not in regular use or even used by anyone in my personal experience.

This made finding your photos on social media easier, especially for those who didn’t own the photos. After the event, you could search for the hashtag. Because it wasn’t very likely for multiple couples to use the same hashtag simultaneously, you could scroll through the most recent posts with that hashtag to see photos from the wedding. This was a great unintentional feature of Instagram because it made those memories more publicly accessible than following each person who used that wedding hashtag.

I’m explaining this process in the same breath as mentioning that this is a departing trend because it is very creative, and I could see a reemergence of this feature in another form. That is a way to tag each wedding so that all attendees can see photos from that wedding without having to follow one another individually. Let’s keep an eye out!

What’s In for 2024 Weddings?

Destination weddings. They are nothing new but primed for exponential growth this year. As domestic prices climb and couples are more open to a smaller traveling wedding party and guest list rather than a 100-200 person wedding, this might become much more popular. Destination weddings are appealing because they keep the intimate experience of having close friends and family and add your choice of beach or exotic destination.

The great thing about a destination wedding is that you could still have the traditional ceremony in a sanctuary and everything else outdoors. It’s truly a great combination of features. Of course, the big decision is whether a larger group of would-be attendees would feel left out of this option. But, especially if that’s not an issue, it’s more and more of an attractive choice for your wedding.

What else is new for weddings?

I think that wedding videography, specifically wedding video greetings, will start to take a sharp uptick in use. Neither one of these practices is anything new. Services like tribute.co have been around for a while now. I see services like this growing tremendously. It’s become easier to record with the improvement of cell phones. So, whether you’re an experienced videographer or have a new cell phone, recording and editing your wedding events will be much easier.


Weddings change yearly due to available services, social and economic factors like the pandemic, and what makes weddings enjoyable. With the increase in video streaming and personal greetings, this type of service should be boosted within the bounds of weddings. Combine this with destination weddings and imagine a boom in wedding videography in a destination wedding setting. This perfect combination will make this setting ripe for a more personal, intimate way to keep amazing memories forever.

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