18 Clever Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

There are many clever ways to save money on your wedding, including picking an off-season date, using a non-traditional venue, and using the same place for the ceremony and reception. In short, trimming your guest list by ten people can save you almost a thousand dollars, if not more.

Save Money On Your Wedding

Most of us want our wedding to be the talk of the town, but there’s no reason you should spend all your savings and go broke because you tried so hard to impress people on your big day. Besides, you’d be left alone to care for yourself and your new family after the ceremony.

If you’re looking for how to save money on your wedding, here are some smart budget tips to follow:

1. Fix your wedding in an off-peak season

Peak wedding season will vary depending on your location. Peak seasons generally have finer weather and more people scheduling their big day. The peak wedding season in the US is usually from late spring through fall. The cost of venues and hotels is generally higher due to higher demand.

You can save considerable money on your wedding by picking an off-season date like January or February.

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save money on your wedding
18 Clever Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding 3 save money on your wedding

2. Book a weekday

Must every wedding be slated for Saturday? Most definitely not! We’re used to it, but it isn’t set in stone. From the findings, picking a weekday for your wedding costs far less than having it on a Saturday. Even Sundays are more budget-friendly.

Weekday weddings are easier on the wallet as there is more availability, and vendors usually provide incentives to attract people to book these less popular dates. So you’ll likely get a good deal if you bargain well.

Would you like a suggestion? A Friday or Sunday would be perfect!

3. Use card stock sparingly

Like the look and feel of thick paper stock but don’t have the funds to splurge? Then consider using two-ply for your invitation cards and one-ply for the insert cards. This can help you save up to $275 for every 100 wedding invitations.

4. Trim your guest list

Cutting your guest list by just ten people can save you hundreds of dollars on your wedding. The working principle is simple: fewer drinks, food items, seats, and a smaller venue.

5. Pick a venue that doesn’t require too much refining

One smart way to save money on your wedding is to choose a venue that’s already beautiful, requiring minimal additional decor. You may already know it, but event decoration is one of the most costly aspects of wedding planning. It would suit your tight budget if you only need to put up some fancy lights and flowers here and there.

6. Use the same venue for the ceremony and reception

Booking two separate venues will typically cost far more than using one. You can save considerable money by choosing an all-in-one wedding venue for the ceremony and reception.

It will also be more convenient for you and your guests as the cost and hassle of moving from the ceremony to the reception are avoided.

7. Consider a non-traditional venue

It’s a no-brainer: a location catering to weddings typically charges you for using the space. But consider a restaurant or even a vacation house. A restaurant will only charge you for the food and booze, so you don’t get to pay just for being there. It will not be as much as a conventional event center if they charge.

Picking a non-conventional wedding location for your big day will help you save money and give everyone a unique feel.

8. Shop a vintage wedding dress

While fancy luxury wedding dresses can be your big day’s highlight, they can be wallet-draining. So, if you’re on a tight budget, consider shopping for a vintage wedding dress. You’ll be stunned by the fantastic deals you’ll get from online stores.

By the way, who says an ’80s wedding dress can’t be the highlight of your big day? If there’s anything you’d like to fix or add, it’s nothing a local tailor can’t handle.

9. Do your makeup yourself

Why hire a professional makeup artist with eight years of experience when you can do the job yourself? If you can’t, it’s nothing a talented friend or sibling can’t handle. There are also online tips for wedding makeup, from skincare to finishing touches.

10. Substitute invitation cards for a URL

If you’re on a tight wedding budget, consider directing your guests to your wedding website instead of printing hundreds of invitation cards. You can save up to a thousand bucks by forwarding a single URL to your nuptials rather than mailing prints. On your website, they’ll find all the information they need, which will always be in their hands — on their mobile.

11. Use faux flowers

Fresh floral is stunning but comes at a cost. If you’re not ready to splurge on something transient, go for faux flowers instead. However, you can get a few real flowers for special spots.

12. Go DIY

Wedding planning involves many activities, from floral arrangements and decorations to purchasing food items. Rather than hiring service providers for them all, see what you can handle yourself to save costs.

13. Book the same provider for your photo and video coverage

Most media experts will offer discounts when you hire them for your photography and videography. It works like using one venue for the reception and ceremony.

14. Negotiate your way out of unreasonable costs

The groom may be asked to pay some fees during cake cutting and similar scenarios. These aren’t official, so you don’t have to pay. Just be respectful when rejecting such requests.

15. Rent where possible

Wedding ceremonies don’t usually last more than a day, so if there’s anything you could rent instead of buying, it could help you save a lot of money. Also, remember that wedding dresses are expensive and you only get to wear them for a few hours.

You can also ask newlyweds for centerpieces and other items they use that are still in shape.

16. Address your invitations yourself

If you must print wedding invitations, consider assembling and addressing them using a pen to save cost. Stationery may cost up to $7 per set for envelope addressing, assembly, and mailing. This can accumulate to hundreds of dollars. You’ll get to avoid that when you put your penmanship to use.

17. Go for a simple cake design

The time and artistry required to design an elaborate cake can quickly add up to the overall cost of your wedding. Choosing a simple design can help you cut costs a bit.

18. Use an open ground with beautiful nature

Siting your wedding outdoors with beautiful surroundings can help dramatically slash wedding costs. You’ll get to avoid the cost of venue and decoration, among others.

If an accessible location proves too difficult to find, go for an outdoor public space; the fee will be only a fraction of the cost of a regular wedding venue.

The bottom line

Wedding planning involves so many things. To save cost, you must compromise on the less essential aspects while devoting the largest chunk of your budget to the more important ones.

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