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After Your Engagement, 3 Tasks To Jumpstart Your Wedding Planning

After your engagement, you are enjoying engaged life, as you should! Take a breath, and take a break. You have been waiting for this moment and soon you will have plenty to take care of.

After reading this post you will be prepared to get started with your wedding planning!

The challenge is knowing where to begin.

Taking The First Steps After Your Engagement

  1. Find an officiant
  2. Vind a wedding venue
  3. Start thinking about your vows

And so, there are many things that you could do after engagement. But it’s a good idea to start with these things on your wedding planning list because they will start to fill up quickly!

Of course, there are hundreds of tasks that you could complete after your engagement. These are the 3 that I would recommend after my experience with wedding planning and officiating. These items are time-sensitive and you will want to get them done as soon as you know that your big day is approaching. This is assuming that you have a wedding date selected. You will need a date before you will be able to complete tasks like securing your venue.

It will also be helpful if you know your dates before reaching out to your wedding party. Even though the wedding party consists of your friends and family members who will be very understanding, it’s a sign of respect to let them know as soon as you know your wedding dates so that they will be able to plan accordingly.

Notice that I used the word dates, not date. There is much more to your wedding dates than the date that you will be married. Your wedding dates include all of your wedding events such as your bridesmaids’ day, guy time, wedding shower, wedding rehearsal, engagement party, and even your honeymoon.

The more of these dates you know the better but even if you just know the wedding date your wedding party will certainly appreciate knowing that they can plan around that date. For example, if I know that someone is inviting me to a wedding, I will go ahead and at least plan to take 2-3 days off of work before the wedding, especially if I am a member of the wedding party.

after your engagement
Create Your Wedding

Choose Your Officiant

It’s important to choose a wedding officiant as soon as possible after the engagement. Not only are they very busy but because it’s also important to start your wedding counseling as soon as possible. If you haven’t started planning before you were engaged then you should definitely start right away.

After your engagement, the clock is literally ticking. The pastor/minister will let you know what his/her requirements are to go forward with your wedding. Many people forget that your approval from your officiant is the most important thing for your wedding day next to a Yes from your spouse.

Choosing a venue is another one of those tasks that requires booking at least a year ahead of time. If you are thinking about getting engaged you might just want to go ahead and reserve a venue. It might sound crazy but the deposit that you will put down to reserve your venue is nothing compared to losing out on the location that you’ve always wanted.

The Main Wedding Planning Ingredient After Engagement

Venue ideas

You will want to be very intentional about locking in your wedding venue date as soon as possible. Typically you will need a deposit to secure the wedding date of your choice. Some venues may also be flexible in terms of allowing you to provide your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice of wedding dates. The best scenario of course is to lock in and secure your 1st choice.

I know that you’ve had your dream venue in mind for some time but you don’t want to chance securing your date if you don’t have to. It’s much better to secure your 2nd choice than wait too long for your 1st choice to become available. In other words, don’t make the waiting list your first choice. Go ahead and reserve the best venue that is at the top of your list and available on your wedding date.

Time of Year

And so, how are you feeling about choosing a photographer for your wedding? Hopefully, after reading this blog post you are feeling a little better!

Again, congratulations on your engagement and happy planning!

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