Best 2023 Wedding Photography Trends

Exciting wedding photography trends for 2023 backyard weddings and destination weddings.

2023 Wedding Photography Trends

Wedding photography trends are in! This blog post is for anyone planning their wedding who has not hired your photographer.

The challenge in wedding photography is the same in wedding planning. It is getting everyone on the same page and in the same place. With a wedding theme and a vision in mind, it helps the couple planning the wedding and the photography expert to meet in the middle and provide a great experience that will make for great memories.

Preparing for your Photographer

When you are getting ready to hire a photographer, you will want to consider what design you prefer for your wedding. Certain photographers may be more inclined to use different styles. This is something that you should be able to ask them. Have they done more outdoor or indoor weddings? Have they done more destination weddings, or is there a city or area they mainly work with? Have they done drone shots or nighttime photos? Feel free to ask whatever you need to meet your goals and what fits your wedding design best.

And so, let’s get to the point. Here are the biggest wedding photography trends we found in 2023 so far:

wedding photography trends

Wedding Photography Trends: Summer Backyard Wedding

There are a few reasons backyard weddings are taking the industry by storm. The apparent reason is that it has been one of the best ways to adjust during Covid. If you plan on having a wedding in a more traditional space and need to pivot, a beautiful backyard wedding is an excellent alternative. Other challenges that may have led to a backyard theme are being unable to get the venue at the top of your list because everyone’s dates have been postponed.

Another reason for the boom of backyard weddings is the appealing cost. This is by far the most cost-effective and the plan with the most flexible budget. If you want to remove or add something to your backyard wedding plan, you could do so much closer to your wedding day than other types of weddings. This flexibility will allow you to be more creative and help your photography vision. You will be able to redirect funds you would typically spend on not only your photographer but also your setting and backdrop, such as your wedding arches that are wildly popular right now:

wedding photography trends

Destination Wedding

The destination wedding is the other obvious alternative to a postponed wedding. As many options as you have in your backyard, the possibilities for a destination wedding are limitless. The thing to remember when preparing your vision for photography is to make sure you do tons of research. If you can find someone who has been to your location, that would be extremely helpful. If that’s not an option, see as many photos as possible and have a plan ready to visit your preferred shoot locations as soon as you arrive.

About Your Destination Wedding

What most people don’t realize about destination weddings is that you won’t have as much time to sightsee as you think. If you have a honeymoon in the exact location after your wedding party and guests leave, you will have time to explore, but that will likely not be the case before the wedding. Your opportunity to plan on-site will be minimal. Use and as much as possible to see other visitors’ perspectives of the area. This might sound crazy, but you may even want to choose your destination where you know others have had a positive experience, AND you have access to tons of photos to gain inspiration for your photography.

wedding photography trends

Hiring a Photographer

  • personality
  • photo types
  • cost
  • availability

*Use a wedding planning app like Wedistry for Wedding Parties

Congratulations on your Engagement!

Congratulations on your engagement! One of the first things on your list will likely be to hire a professional wedding photographer. Your photography is important because it will help you to remember this most memorable day in your life. It’s also important because it captures the day’s essence and how you feel. Weddings bring the rare opportunity to bring family and friends together, which may not often happen otherwise.

That makes your wedding photos golden memories. Don’t miss this opportunity; make sure your photographer takes plenty of pictures and videos, if possible. Your wedding photographer will also help you to keep up to date on the best wedding photography trends. This is what they do best.

Creative Wedding Photography

Your wedding photography is the piece that brings together all of the creativity of your wedding. The areas of creativity are your wedding design, dress, and venue, for example. But photography captures all of those elements. That’s why your wedding photography must meet your style. What will make your wedding photography beautiful is that it represents you well.

Modern wedding album

A modern wedding album is another trend worth considering. A modern wedding album is a digital album with a sleek look. You will likely only upload a handful of images from your wedding day onto the album. There will be no traditional albums or photo books. Instead, you can add text or icons to different pages. That way, everyone gets their own little space.

Wedding Album Trends

When choosing a wedding album company, consider factors such as the size of your budget, the type of album you’d prefer, and any additional customization tips. Also, don’t forget the wedding album trends mentioned above: modern wedding albums should suit the bride and groom’s personalities. Some couples use an e-book instead of a physical album. An e-book allows couples to create their book without spending money on paper products. It also saves space since there are electronic versions.

More Trends in Wedding Photography

There are some very interesting wedding trends in photography and capturing your wedding ceremony and reception. From candid shots and candid moments with the couple to nighttime portraits and a unique style of photography, this is an endless space of potential for creativity. The wedding photography industry is constantly changing, so the good news is if you are looking for something new, you are certain to find it each year.

You will find it best to capture the happy couple in an authentic moment during their photography sessions, no matter what style of wedding portraits you choose. Real weddings are one trend that will stand the test of time. Real weddings tend to invite the guests into the experience uniquely.

Live-streamed Weddings

It may not seem like it initially, but live-streamed weddings are a type of modern wedding photography new to the wedding photography industry. This style results from technological advances in the wedding industry and socially distant weddings, with people still doing their best to remain safe.

Some more popular trends are using disposable cameras to capture fun and candid photos of natural moments on the dance floor and using drone photography for amazing aerial shots.

Using Your Wedding Photos

Perhaps the best part about wedding photography is its evergreen potential. You won’t be able to re-use your wedding venue. You can only re-use your dress or tux a few times at most to renew your vows. But you will share and revisit your wedding photos for the rest of your life.

We hope that we have found this post helpful for your wedding photography plan!

And so, how are you feeling about choosing a photographer for your wedding? Hopefully, you feel a little better after reading this blog post!

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