Should I Wear a Suit or Tux to My Wedding?

If you are trying to decide whether you should wear a suit or tux to your wedding this post is for you!

This article will help you to decide whether to decide what to wear as the groom to your wedding by providing a few styles to choose from.

The challenge is that today you have so many choices to choose from. There are lots of options to choose from in the suit and tux category. We hope to help you answer the burning question, “Should I wear a tux or suit to my wedding?”

Suit or Tux?

A suit just might do the job especially if you are having an outdoor wedding such as a backyard wedding or beach wedding.

Tux: The Formal Option

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A tux is your formal wedding attire for a groomsman. If you are having your wedding events at a more elegant establishment you may want to match your attire with the venue by wearing a tux. This option is from and would be ready for the highest level of attire necessary.

Another Option from The Black Tux

Untitled design 2022 05 28T131244.943 suit or tux always has great options to choose from. This was actually my choice for my wedding! Choosing to wear a suit or tux is a much easier decision with all of the amazing options the black tux has to offer. There are really no misses in their collection and the process of selecting a suit at a nearby Nordstrom store and having it shipped to your home can’t be beaten!

The Black Tux is my personal choice whether you are choosing a suit or tux for your wedding. When I had an issue with my order they were quick to fix it immediately and get me exactly what I needed in plenty of time for my big day. There are lots of locations to choose from for your personal custom fitting and they will ship your order to you and all your groomsmen.

Read more here at my personal review of The Black Tux:

Backyard Wedding Tux

etsysuit suit or tux

A magnificent micro wedding is another excellent choice for wearing a suit. If you are choosing a destination wedding or any kind your likely best choice is a suit. The reason a suit might be better, in this case, is because of all the unknown factors. You never really know when you are abroad or at an unfamiliar location the surrounding area will demand of you. In this case, a suit is your best choice.

Linen Suit: The Summer Choice

An example of something you can do with a suit is to choose a fabric that matches the season. A linen suit is a great choice for the hot summer months.

The Tux: The Wedding Gold Standard

When done well, a tux is most often and traditionally the winner for a traditional wedding. But it’s all about your preferences and your needs.

Hopefully, this post helped you to get closer to your choice between a suit or tux for your wedding. Check back for seasonal updates and trends!

The next step is to book your appointment to get fitted and don’t forget to let your groomsmen know to do the same!

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